Friday, January 1, 2010

View from the Balcony 02/01/2010

The intermittent chirping of birds can be heard above the constant sound of the sea as it forever growls in the background. The warm air is still and this will encourage us to turn on the lounge ceiling fan by mid morning should a breeze not arrive in the interim. The sky is alive with a mass of grey stretches of cloud which are only broken by the occasional gap that allows the brightness of the already risen sun to glow through as though it was behind a window of which I am on the other side. Along the horizon the line of separation between sea and sky is quite defined and the sea is quite mild in strength as the waves only announce their presence as they break some fifty meters from the shoreline, and then in a mass of frothy white foam they then glide up to the ever welcoming golden sands of the shoreline, only to disappear from sight leaving a brief waterline in the sand as a calling card. A handful of surfers are at the Point and I am yet to catch a glimpse of one actually riding a wave as they appear to be more intent in chatting to one another. The Esplanade has only light pedestrian traffic at present but this will change over the next hour as the car parking spaces quickly fill up with holiday makers booking advantage spots to use the facilities that await them along the grassy strip. The Hinterland is still partially masked by a light mist but this is quickly dissolving as fairy floss does in the mouth, revealing defining shades of deep greens along the hills and valleys that define the mountain range. A great day awaits.

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