Thursday, January 21, 2010

View from the Balcony 22/01/2010

The stillness of the air magnifies the sounds of the awakening birds as they begin to stir amongst the trees along the Esplanade. The sky has a cloudy cover that stretches like a doona from the feet to the neck, or as I gaze from the Balcony, from the Hinterland to almost the horizon. The blending colours in the sky that is open for viewing are changing from the dark blues to the light with shades of pink forming in bands across the scene from right to left. A hint of yellow was also present but only for a fleeting moment. I placed right first as that is where our attention is taken up as the sun commands our attention as it commences its daily trek across the heavens. It has now passed the first cloud bank and is currently negotiating its way through a rather large stringy cloud which is proving to be no obstacle of hindrance. Golden rays of light reflect across the calm sea like a path that leads directly to the sun. The sea is bare of waves save for their late appearance when like a tube of open spaghetti strands they roll towards the awaiting golden sands of the eager shoreline. Only to reach there and for a for a moment lie exhausted on the sand before disappearing from sight. The Point is surfer bare today. Even the Esplanade is host to minimum movement along its length as the consensus appears to have resulted in either a lay day or a late start for the active early morning crowd. The Hinterland is bold in presence and has only the barest of wispy remains of its overnight covering of mist hiding amongst the valleys and hills, playing an almost hide and seek game with the suns ever warm rays. A top day awaits!!

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