Monday, January 11, 2010

View from the Balcony - 12/01/2010

The sound of the waves hitting the shore seems to be amplified this morning, likewise the early morning chirping of the birds in the trees along the Esplanade. It must be due to the heavy stillness in the air that can almost be felt. Along the horizon our bank of grey clouds has again returned to take up their stand of trying to minimise the viewing of the suns arrival. And partial success has to be acknowledged, however the sun has again ascended above their arena of victory, so hollow it was in the end. The greyish blue sea is restlessly sending line after line of faltering waves towards their destiny of reaching the golden sands of their Nirvana. Some ten metres from their destination the waves rise, fall over and slowly wash spent into the awaiting shore, to disappear forever into the sands of time (heard that before somewhere). A huddle of surfers are jostling for position to catch any small wave that strays and breaks early. So far they do not appear to be having a great deal of success. The Esplanade on the other hand is the recipient of a hive of Council Worker activity. That, and a number of dedicated joggers are making the view interesting. Behind me, the Hinterland has cast off its overnight covering and is proudly displaying to all who care to look its fine array of hills and valleys of hues of green. It is a great backdrop to the flat plain below. A great day awaits!

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