Saturday, January 9, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 10/01/2010

A wisp of an on shore movement of air is doing nothing to remove the penetrating warmth of the suns rays as they bombard the balcony in full force. A motley line of light grey and darker grey puff clouds as stretched out along the horizon line like a disorganised line of chorus dancers. The sun has risen well past that attempted barrier of hindrance and is now the focal point of the whole scene as it sits alone in the midst of the clear surrounds of a light blue sky like a sole diner in a large restaurant. The lightish blue sea is sending a constant barrage of undulating waves of movement towards the golden sands of the eagerly awaiting shore line. Some ten meters from their final resting spot, the waves break out from hiding and with much froth and foam they make a final assault on their objective, only to end up slowly fading from view as they lie spent on the ever welcoming sands of the beach. A handful of surfers are enjoying the freedom of space as they line up to ride the medium sized small width waves back into shore. Likewise the Esplanade has only a handful of joggers pounding the pathway that runs alongside the grassy strip which is now a lovely shade of mid dark green, following the welcoming past two nights of rain. At the rear, the Hinterland stands out like the great wall of China does when viewed from the moon. Its hills and valleys of multi greens give a softness to the skyline as the peaks reach up trying to touch more of the light grey puff clouds that are hovering above and apparently going nowhere for the moment. A pleasant sight to start the day!

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