Sunday, January 10, 2010

View from the Balcony - 11/01/2010

An ever so slight breeze is a welcomed relief from the stillness that was in the air. It is so slight that you can barely tell that the leaves on the balcony plants have stirred. A line of small clouds is stretched out, sitting just above the horizon line, and they have a wash of pink surrounds to them that is the tell tale give away that the sun cannot be far from coming into view. Above the clouds the pale blue of the sky gradually moves out to become a slightly deeper blue, the further away you look from the sun. The mid range blueish sea is bordering on calm as slight undulations give away the hiding places of the below surface waves that are constantly marching towards their destiny of fleetingly exposing themselves as they run up the golden sands of the ever waiting shoreline, only to sink back out of sight never to be seen again. The fleet of small fishing boats have again appeared and have positioned themselves above what is known as the 'gravel patch' with the hope of catching some mackerel that appear to be passing by. Around a dozen surfers are at the Point with their boards all pointing in the suns direction wait ever so patiently for a wave to break and have them hurriedly do a one hundred and eighty degree turnabout and have a memorable ride alongside the rocky outcrop that is the feature of where they are stationed. The Esplanade is bare of human movement, relying on the small packs of birds that flit from tree to tree to bring some movement and action. At the rear, the Hinterland is still discarding its overnight covering of light mist and beginning to expose its lush green colourings that highlight the presence of the hills and valleys. A pleasant sight all round.

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