Friday, January 22, 2010

View from the Balcony 23/01/2010

The balmy calmness of last night has continued on and there is a stillness in the air that can almost be cut with a knife. As sugar coats the rim of many a fancy cocktail so we see a layer of cloud trying desperately to circumnavigate the entire 360 degree view, and to a great extent it has succeeded. The sky has gone through a change of royal blue to light blue that almost verges on being a watercolour wash. The sun has now ascended past the light resistance that the cloud briefly provided and is now freely enjoying being the centrepiece of the heavens as it radiates warmth to the entire surrounds. The sea once again has a glassy texture to it and waves are only revealing themselves some ten metres from the shoreline, before they break out as bubbles do from a shaken bottle of fizzy drink, and run up the golden sands of the beach before disappearing forever from view. The Point is quiet as it has again been abandoned by the surfing fraternity, however the fishing boats have arrived in number and are corralled within the area known as the Gravel Patch. The Esplanade has already been host to a number of walkers and joggers who have taken the advantage of getting in early before the warmth of the day provides an excuse not to be out and about. The Hinterland is looking fantastic, with its hills and valleys of multi green providing a great backdrop to the coastal scene. A top sight to what will be a great day!!

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