Monday, January 4, 2010

View from the Balcony 05/01/2010

An intermittent light cool breeze is coming off the sea bringing with it relief from a fan fed night. The sky is alive with a numerous variety of cloud shapes vying for notice and recognition. The sun has commenced its daily climb into the heavens but its progress can only be guessed at as it is being shielded from view by a heavy wall of solid grey cloud. As I write it is now indicating that it is just about to mount the top of that wall which in itself is now crumbling at its base and changing to a lighter grey as it mellows in strength of colour. The horizon line is now sharply defined save for directly below the suns presence. The sea has a look of an aged corrugated iron shed roof as rolling waves march in a straight line towards the outstretched golden arms of the eagerly awaiting shore line. So eager are the two to meet that the waves openly break open foaming at the mouth as they collapse in a heap on reaching their destination. The Point is alive with surfers who have ventured out past the end of the protruding rocky feature and are joyously displaying their skills as they carve their way back to the shore on batches of waves that are to their liking. The Esplanade has both jogger and bike rider making use of it this morning. The Hinterland is only now allowing the warm penetrating rays of the sun to dissolve the overnight cover of mist and is slowly revealing itself to the day in the same manner as a snail extends itself from its shell after having been disturbed. There is a calmness all around.

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