Tuesday, January 19, 2010

View from the Balcony 20/01/2010

The balcony plants stand statuesque like in the still air. The sky once again playing host to some light grey clouds that are gathered along the horizon like cows lined up waiting to be milked. The flat blue sea is sending ripples of underwater activity towards the awaiting shoreline. The sun has risen and having bypassed the cloud line is now beaming away merrily, disbursing warmth that can already be felt.The Point is once again playing host to a bunch of surfers who are bobbing up and down on their boards as they wait, ever expectant, for a wave to appear and take them back to the shore. The Esplanade has only light human contact with the occasional jogger strutting their stuff along the pathway that runs alongside the green grass that is home to so many visitors during the day. The golden sands of the beach are having their edges gently massaged by the lapping water that is the last act of dying waves. The Hinterland is open for business having shed its night covering. The subtle greens that make up the hills and valleys stand out for all to admire. What gets me every day is the colour change in the sky as the sun appears. It is so fantastic to witness.

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