Thursday, December 31, 2009

View from the Balcony 01/01/2010

New Years morning and all is quiet, save for the constant sound of the sea in the background. The air is still and the balcony plants sit statuesque like in their pots and in the small rockery bed. The sky is filled with an array of grey clouds with the risen sun indicating its presence with spotlight features on the surface of the slightly waving sea. Late breaking waves are slowly washing themselves up against the golden sands of the beach in much the same way as a cat can rub against ones legs when it wishes to announce its presence. Several surfers are at the Point, sitting on their boards looking towards the horizon for the first sign of a rideable wave. So far they're waiting has been in vane. New Years resolvutionists (you know the people I mean) are making good use of the Esplanade pathways as they stroll along singularly and in groups doing the wolf impression from the Three Little Pigs. The Hinterland is reposing behind a light veil of mist with several pockets of light grey cloud hovering above some of the valleys. All in all, it is a restful start to the new decade.

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