Tuesday, January 12, 2010

View from the Balcony - 13/01/2010

It was the screeching noise from the birds as they flew in almost plague like numbers towards the foreshore park that is the feature of Burleigh that got me to the balcony to see how the day was presenting itself. The air is still, no movement at all in the balcony fauna. Three ducks are swimming in the outdoor pool, blatantly breaking the Resort rules as no swimming is allowed before 7:00am. Two bands of grey cloud stretch out along the horizon line. I liken them to a male and female. the closest one to the water is female as the appearance is neat, well proportioned and looks good, whereas the other band of cloud is much larger and darker and very rough around the edges. Stereo type comment, maybe, but that is how their appearance struck me. The sun has now commenced to rise heavenward and as it passed behind the first bank of cloud that cloud started to dissolve and give way, however upon reaching the second band of cloud there was much greater resistance and the sun ended up continuing to ascend behind the cloud line. We males can be stubborn. The grey sea has a touch of a ripple to it as the undulating movement that is the tell tale sign of the presence of a wave heads towards the shoreline. The waves only reveal themselves openly some ten metres from the beach and then in a foamy white froth they then wash ever so quietly to the awaiting golden sands of the beach. A small number of surfers are at the Point waiting patiently for their ride of the morning. The fishing boats are again present, out past the Point, stationing themselves above the area known as the gravel patch, waiting for the mullet to appear. The Esplanade is quiet with only a sole trainer and her victim exercising on the grassy strip. The Hinterland is still covered by an almost sheer mist that while allowing the features of hills and valleys to be seen by all who would care to look, gives a softness to the view. A top day has arrived.

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