Tuesday, January 26, 2010

View from the Balcony 27/01/2010

On opening the sliding doors that stand guard and separate the Lounge area from the Balcony, I was greeted by a pleasant breeze that was coming from behind the Hinterland and sweeping out towards the sea. Allowing my gaze to continue in the same direction as the breeze, I observed that again the horizon line that is the defining point between sea and sky was playing host to a covering of light grey cloud that was stretched tighter than the strings of Federa's tennis racquet, right across the with of view. Above that, only an occasional small white cloud was present to mar the clean sweep of light blue that would otherwise comprise the remainder of the heavenly scene. Well, that is apart from the sun, which once again true to form has arrived to take charge of the day. The sea has a touch of choppiness to it and waves are only announcing their presence above the undulating swell some two metres before they finish their journey, by running with their last bit of remaining energy up the awaiting golden sands of the shoreline, only to lie exhausted in that final embrace and then fade forever from sight. The Point, which saw so much activity during yesterday's Australia Day festivities, is bare of surfers which is allowing the gentle rolling waves to run unimpeded along the rocky outcrop. The Esplanade on the other hand is playing host to a renaissance of activity, with walkers, joggers and even a fitness class being up and about sweating penance for yesterdays overeating. A flash of coloured lycra on the road marks the presence of two wheeled helmeted riders heading towards the North Burleigh Hill, and no doubt a welcomed drink break. At the rear, the Hinterland lies stretched out, having cast aside the overnight covering of mist, to reveal the range of greens that are the valleys and hills that rise into the clear blue sky above. A great sight for the start of day one of school for 2010.

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