Sunday, January 17, 2010

View from the Balcony 18/01/2010

A light warm onshore breeze is bringing a pleasant relief to what was a still night on the balcony. A bank of solid light grey cloud stretches across the width of the horizon, hovering above the spot where to the eye the sea and sky meet. Above that cloud mass is a heap of baby puff clouds that appear to be racing each other across the sky and were caught in a freeze frame moment. The light dull blue sea has a lightly corrugated iron look to it, with waves only breaking the surface some ten metres from the shoreline. The golden sands of the beach reach out to welcome each wave as it rolls over itself as it tries to embrace its new friend, only to fail and sulk quickly away from view. The Point has been abandoned by the surfers as only late breaking waves are running along side the rocky outcrop and crashing blindly into the large boulders that form the base that holds the whole show together. The Esplanade is also light in the way of pedestrian traffic, whilst a number of birds have been making early morning calls between the numerous trees that feature along the grassy strip. The Hinterland has removed its night covering and is proudly displaying its many hills and valleys and the various range of green hues that form part of it's stunning beauty, which is further enhanced by the clear blue sky above. A top sight for a top day!

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