Thursday, January 14, 2010

View from the Balcony 15/01/2010

The leaves on the balcony greenery are swaying in a trance like motion similar to the whirling dervishes as the gentle breeze swirls past. Looking out at the horizon, once again large mid grey clouds stretch across the whole of the view, from left to right. These clouds are floating some metres above the sea line and give the appearance of being heavens protective barrier. The sun has already arrived on the scene and is currently climbing the out of sight backstage steps in order to make a grand entrance as it then rises above the cloud layer and into the already excited light blue sky. The dull blue sea has a soft textured appearance to it and the presence of waves are only visibly noticed when they reveal themselves only metres from the shoreline, as they then burst out of hiding and run up the golden beach sands only to sink back out of view as quickly as they appeared. The Point is home to only a couple of surfers as others have ventured closer to us in order to catch what waves there are. A small turn out for what is really a non event for them today. The Hinterland looks great in appearance as it has already cast aside it's nightly cover and is standing refreshed showing all the delicate shades of green of its hills and valleys to the world. A great sight to absorb.

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