Thursday, December 31, 2009

View from the Balcony 01/01/2010

New Years morning and all is quiet, save for the constant sound of the sea in the background. The air is still and the balcony plants sit statuesque like in their pots and in the small rockery bed. The sky is filled with an array of grey clouds with the risen sun indicating its presence with spotlight features on the surface of the slightly waving sea. Late breaking waves are slowly washing themselves up against the golden sands of the beach in much the same way as a cat can rub against ones legs when it wishes to announce its presence. Several surfers are at the Point, sitting on their boards looking towards the horizon for the first sign of a rideable wave. So far they're waiting has been in vane. New Years resolvutionists (you know the people I mean) are making good use of the Esplanade pathways as they stroll along singularly and in groups doing the wolf impression from the Three Little Pigs. The Hinterland is reposing behind a light veil of mist with several pockets of light grey cloud hovering above some of the valleys. All in all, it is a restful start to the new decade.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Time in Melbourne - 15/12 - 31/12

Well, with less than 24 hours to go before we fly back to home on the Gold Coast, I thought it was about time that I mused briefly with a reflection or two. First up, let me say that everyone has been most understanding about my leg issues and I have been allowed to do things quietly, within reason. The medical staff at the Surrey Hills Medical Clinic on Union Road were great. The folk at the MCC allowed me to repose in the 'wounded' section of the members area. I was able to fit in an overnight visit to Lakes Entrance, as well as being able to meet for the first time some very pleasant folk from FaceBook. As an aside, let me tell you that young Pj can sure dish out ice cream. She was going through the tub like there was no tomorrow. Christmas day with the extended family along with attending our granddaughters first birthday along with seeing my grandson on a day trip to Toora remain the highlights. There is something about family. However, having said all that, I am looking forward to returning home to the peaceful company of GTF!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

View from the Hospital window - 14/12/09

The swinging chord of the indoor window blind is a clear indication that the indoor air conditioning is fired up. In contrast, outside there is not a movement in any of the leaves of the limply hanging gum tree branches. All is still, allowing the myriad of variances of the chirping birds that call the next door park home, to be heard. Above, the full grey clouded sky is streaked with lines of pinky/red giving an added colour to the scene. Only the occasional vehicle can be seen using the road that runs on the other side of the Benowa Bowls (as the sign on the roof reads) complex. No sign of the two white haired lady walkers, in fact, no sign of human activity in the large park area at all, save for an elderly bicycle rider that has just come into view. All in all it is a very still scene, as even the few ibis that hang around the Hospital waste bins are nowhere to be seen. It is just me and the view. Oh how I love Gods creative work with Mother Nature.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

View from the Hospital window - 13/12/09

The slight cool breeze that I feel is coming from the internal air conditioning, for as I gaze longingly out at freedom there is not a movement in the leaves of the bank of gum trees that line the boundary of the park next door. The sky is a painters whitewash grey that has then been splattered with darker greys that have run into each other before drying. No sign of the sun as my room is on the afternoon side of the building. The gum trees were home for a moment to a single kookaburra whose laugh split the silence of the air for such a brief passage of time. Looking past the gum trees, the large flat light green oval played home to two cricket teams yesterday, and watching them play was a pleasant distraction. Butting the right boundary of the park is a bowls club , which so much reminded me of scenes from 'Crackerjack', as I watched coat hanger bent participants stumble up and down the greens at a pace that at the fastest was leisurely. Small pencil tipped lights mark the boundary of a nearby road, along which current traffic movement is sparse. Two white haired ladies, arm in arm have just walked past the window. Before they moved out of sight they did look in my direction with almost a wishful look spread across their faces as though in here was something that they could well do with. At the opposite end of the park sits a primary school whose grounds yearn once more for the pounding of happy little feet. It is a still morning.

Friday, December 11, 2009

View from the Balcony 12/12/09

A cool onshore breeze gently plays with the leaves on the balcony plants as it passes by. The ubiquitous greyness of the cloud cover is a barrier between the blue of the upper sky and what I am permitted to see. The only sign of any concession being made is when the occasional spotlight is featured on the smooth surface of the stage that is the sea. The only hint of any movement in the reflective grey of the sea is when the water reaches the sandy beach line and almost wants to give itself an extra burst of energy to enable it to run up the beach as far as it can before disappearing from view. Surfers have been replaced at the Point by several fishing boats and a couple of kayaks. Likewise the Esplanade has seen skateboard and bicycle riders join the number of joggers and walkers who are keenly using the great linking pathway that runs between the two surf clubs. The light veil of mist that still covers the Hinterland is slowly being shred apart as the warmth of the morning begins to convey that it is here to stay, allowing the features of the hills and valleys to gradually come into focus. A soothing sight!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

View from the Balcony 11/12/09

A tingling of fern leaves on the balcony is a giveaway that a slight zephyr of a breeze is gently wafting onshore. The indubitable string of cloud is again a feature, today stretched out tighter than a finishing line banner, along the horizon. The grey of the clouds mixing in well with another dose of sea mist that has meandered its way inland. The sky is a buzz with puff clouds that were turning pink as they reflected back the powerful rays of brightness that emanates from the majesty that is the rising sun. The grey sea has a slight undulation to it and waves are reluctantly breaking only moments before reaching the end of their long journey where they collapse limply onto the golden sands of the beach in their final repose. Only a handful of surfers are bobbing on their boards at the Point, having more of a discussion group look about them than anything else. The Esplanade on the other hand is seeing a bulk of movement as joggers and early morning walkers pass one another. The drone of the sea has been temporarily overridden by a noisy low flying army helicopter that is heading towards the Coolangatta airport some 15 minutes south of us. The Hinterland is still at rest lying below a cover of mist that is still to be removed to allow its features to be admired by all and sundry. Soothing view!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

View from the Balcony 10/12/09

A stillness is present with no detectable movement being felt. There is a light ocean mist in the air which extends right through to the Hinterland. The sun has risen behind closed curtains of light grey cloud and is leaving spotlights on the water to indicate that it is still with us. The slightly choppy dull blue sea is sending ever repetitive small late breaking waves towards the shoreline, where upon reaching the golden arms of the beach the waves melt away following a quick embrace. Surfers have gathered again at the Point and the Esplanade is being well utilised by the early morning jogging fraternity. The Hinterland is still shrouded with the layer of overnight cover and only the main outline of hills and valleys can be seen. Picturesque!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

View from the Balcony 09/12/09

A gentle onshore breeze is keeping the temperature down. The sky is filled with clumps of grey cloud. The sun has ascended into the heavens at a pace that is both regal and forceful. However, due to the large cloud mass, any sighting of the sun needs to be placed on hold and be verified at a later time. The sea has a slight swell to it and is sending late breaking waves direct to the shore line, where they tumble over one another in the excitement of the moment. The persistency of the suns endeavours to be noticed has borne fruit, and the large cloud formation is now disbursing due to the application of the warmth of the sun. There is a band of hardy surfers mingling around the rocky outcrop that comprises the Point, whilst pedestrian traffic is quite sparse along the Esplanade. Clear blue sky sits above the Hinterland, with the last vestiges of the overnight mist dissolving to allow the rich greens of the hills and valleys to reveal themselves. A hot day is upon us.

Monday, December 7, 2009

View from the Balcony 08/12/09

A warm breeze coming in from offshore is causing the leaves on the balcony plants to wave like one of those advertising air figures that you see outside car yards. A grey mist blanketed the horizon, through which the brightly orange sun quickly broke through on its mission of the day. The further the sun climbed heavenwards the lighter the sky changed colour until now both sky and sun have a whiteness to them. The rest of the sky is cloudless allowing a clear canvas of light blue to cover all. The sea has a slight choppiness to it and the waves are breaking along a sand bar line and then quietly running up the golden sands of the beach before disappearing like children do in shopping centres. The Point is clear of all activity however this has been more than compensated by the beach and Esplanade walkers and joggers, with the occasional lycra group pedalling on by. The Hinterland is just discarding the last vestige of cover as it prepares to again dominate the backdrop with its rainbow shades of green. The day is with us!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

View from the Balcony 07/12/09

A stillness is in the air with the only movement being the wings of a sally of seagulls as they head towards the headland reserve. The sun has climbed into the awaiting clear blue sky after having negotiated the standard bank of light grey cloud that hovers above the horizon line. The light grey coloured sea emerges from a veil of mist that has become wedged between the cloud bank and itself. The rippling waves are late breaking and lazily fall over each other upon reaching the shore line. Surfers have been replaced by several hardy fishermen who are occupying places along the Point's rocky outcrop skirting. The Esplanade has come alive with movement from joggers, as well as a couple of late night partygoers who are having an animated discussion as they ride the large oval swing that is a feature of the close by play area. The Hinterland still has a covering of cloud which is masking the hills and valleys and only allowing ones imagination to picture what lies beneath. A warm morning.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

View from the Balcony 06/12/09

A slight movement in the leaves from the balcony plants is the only sign that an onshore breeze is passing by. The sun has already made its climb from backstage to now be the centre of proceedings. Its brilliant white light is radiating out into the clear light blue sky. A line of motley grey cloud that was previously stretched across the horizon line is quickly dissolving like fairy floss in the mouth. The sea has a gentle ripple that only turns into adolescent waves metres from the shoreline and with apparent lack of enthusiasm they all but have given up on trying to race up the golden beach sands. The Point is a surfer clear zone and likewise the same can be said for the Esplanade and its usual pedestrian traffic, although give it two hours all the car parking spaces will be filled with carloads of happy day visitors with their free tickets of enjoyment to use. The Hinterland is still in the throes of casting aside its nightly covering of mist but again give it time and it will delight us with its vast shades of greens. A slow morning.

Friday, December 4, 2009

View from the Balcony 05/12/09

The sun, positively glowing with warmth, has truly risen and is occupying prime place in the light blue sky. A very pleasant hint of a breeze is coming in from the ocean. A line of elongated off white puff clouds stretch across the the horizon line suspended several feet above the water. The calm blue sea is gently washing late breaking waves which on reaching the golden sands of the awaiting shore, run up the beach in an ever fruitless game of chasey as they always disappear into the soft sand well short of the tufts of grass that border the sand dunes. The Point is surfer free and the same can be said for human traffic that normally occupy space on the Esplanade walkway. A marble bag of bike riders with their Lycra bright uniforms have just passed in front heading north coffee wards. The Hinterland has cast off the overnight blanket of light mist and already the hues of different derwent greens are prominent as the hills and valleys vie for notice. A calming sight.

Monday, November 30, 2009

View from the front porch - Fingal Bay 01/12/09

To be different, I am having my porridge while sitting on a comfy chair that I commandeered from the back gazebo area and placed on the front porch. The nice expanse of lush grass and the central flower bed are glistening with leftover drops of rain that are clinging on like sweat does on ones body. Several birds are enjoying the foliage of a brightly coloured christmas bush while the scent of the Gardenia bush so delightfully wafts towards me in the slight breeze that has just come to life. The normal blue canopy of sky is covered with a quilt of grey that is masking the presence of the sun. There is no movement in the street save for the birds that are enjoying themselves chirping away to all and sundry at a level that a Jimmy Barnes concert lover would appreciate. The day has arrived.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

View from the back lawn - Fingal Bay 30/11/09

A stillness in the air with the garden clothes hanging limply on the line exhausted from their efforts of the past two days. The lawn and boarder garden are fresh from an overnight dose of sprinklers. Again the varying fragrances from the brightly coloured plants are a sensuous welcome. The clear blue sky is giving a lie to the expected early morning rain that we were due to receive. The birds have commenced their morning greetings to all and sundry, and two brightly feathered rainbow lorikeets have just done a low level fly by. Great sight.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

View from the new house at Tanilba Bay 29/11/09

A stillness is in the air. The only movement being a hive of activity around the outside of the house. Dirt is being sifted and weeds are being removed to allow for the planting of grass. From the front porch we have a clear view across the road to the council Reserve where a play area, bbq and relaxing section has been established. behind the tan bark of the play area is a small watering hole with long grass and water plant surrounds. To the right of the play area natural bush vegetation abounds with a meandering walkway that leads to the waters edge as well as to other yet unexplored destinations. The sound of creatures can be heard with the loud drone of cicadas ever in the background with their noise only broken by the occasional bird call. Overhead we have a clear sky with all indications of another warm day. A voice calls, and it is time for me to cease the report and to join the others in labour.

Friday, November 27, 2009

View from the back lawn - Fingal Bay 28/11/09

There is an ever so slight zephyr of a breeze that is making it pleasant to sit out here with my bowl of porridge. The soft lush green grass underneath is tendered with loving care and nightly caressed to rest by the automatic sprinkler system. The garden boarder is full of brightly coloured foliage. Plenty of red, blue, orange and white can be seen, and the changing fragrance that is present as one walks around the yard would be a credit to any beauty bar at any leading Myers or David Jones store. The sky is a painters wash of dull grey and a slight mist is presently hanging in the air. The birds are in full voice but they are more heard than seen. One loan magpie is sitting in the corner of the yard tapping away at the grass inviting breakfast to appear. It is the cool before the heat.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Morning in the backyard 27/11/09

Well a new day has arrived and I am enjoying some porridge while sitting on some lush green soft lawn in the back yard at Fingal Bay. The yard is boarded by bright flowering plants of red , yellow white and orange. The scent of jasmine is lingering in the air as there is no breeze present to disburse it amongst the neighbours. Clear blue sky is overhead and the warmth from the sun is already encouraging me to think of having a swim later this morning. Birds are creating a 'surround sound' effect as they communicate loudly amongst themselves like members of a CWA convention. No cicadas!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

View from the front lawn - Fingal Bay 26/11/09

A stillness is in the air allowing the powerful scent of the Jasmine along the pathway to rush into the house on opening the front door. Gazing upward the sky is a multi patchwork of light grey cloud that is sittting on a backing of bright blue sky. Lush dark green lawn extends to the roadway. The light thumping of neighbouring automated sprinklers mingling with the shrill of chirping birds have replaced the sound of waves breaking along the Burleigh shoreline. Street is clear of both pedestrians and vehicles. It is restful.

Monday, November 23, 2009

View from the Balcony 24/11/09

A pleasant onshore wafting breeze. The sky has a heavy bank of almost spent rainclouds along the horizon line. In fact, everywhere i look clouds dominate the sky. The sea is deceiving in looks with the distance appearing calm whilst closer to shore foaming waves are breaking and rushing with enthusiasm to the golden sans of the eagerly awaiting beach. The presence of the sun is recognised by the lightness of the sky as it however remains in the wings and out of sight of centre stage. At the Point several hardy surfers are enjoying the freedom of riding the waves obstruction free while the Esplanade has been replaced by the beach as today's preferred jogging track. The Hinterland is slowly emerging from its overnight covering of mist and two hot air balloons are bobbing like dangling corks from a bushman's hat as they float Robina shopping town way. A calming scene.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

View from the Balcony 23/11/09

The small mountain ferns in the balcony pots are waving to and throw as the breeze from the sea gently sweeps onshore. A line of small interwoven light grey clouds sit suspended above and across the horizon line and the rippling sea below is in constant motion of sending line after line of late breaking waves towards the shore where the golden sands of the awaiting beach eagerly swallow them whole leaving no trace of them ever being present. The golden sun has now risen from behind the line of clouds and into the light blue sky and is sending forth rays of warmth in all directions. Both the Point and the Esplanade are free from human presence although a lone walker is making full use of the sandy beach as they walk and exercise. The Hinterlands layered hills and valleys are sharply defined as any lingering presence of misty covering has been well and truly discarded. A soothing sight.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

View from the Balcony 22/11/09

A gentle onshore breeze is making it very pleasant to sit on the Balcony. A solid light grey cloud is hanging like a suspended curtain across the length of the skyline. Overhead there is another bank of numerous puff clouds just sitting waiting for something to happen. The sun has risen and is now dominating the light blue sky as the centre of attention.The slightly choppy sea is seeing waves break some 100 metres from the shore and then continue to tumble over and over until they collapse exhausted on the sandy beach. A solid group of surfers sit in line at the Point excitedly waiting for the next big wave to take them for a ride. The Esplanade is playing host to a number of early morning walkers and joggers. The Hinterland is slowly coming to life and discarding the night cover of light mist. Action abounds.

Friday, November 20, 2009

View from the Balcony 21/11/09

An ever so faint breeze is coming in from the sea. A line of wafer thin pale clouds are stretched ever so taut along the horizon line. The sea has a touch of choppiness to it with small waves rushing in towards the shore to embrace the awaiting golden sands as though it is a meeting of long lost friends. The sun has now risen past the cloud line and is brightly illuminating the clear blue sky with an outpouring of radiant warmth. The Point is surfer free and the Esplanade is also bare of human traffic. The Hinterland has commenced discarding the covering of pale grey mist and is now begining to expose itself to the arriving light of day. Peaceful.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

View from the Balcony 20/11/09

Stillness is in the damp air. A thick haze features along the horizon line and heavy dark grey and black rainclouds dominate the sky. The almost glassy sea is caressing the golden sands of the shoreline with late breaking waves that lazily saunter up the beach and disappear from view in the same way as Nivea soft intensive moisturising creme is absorbed by the skin. The white glowing sun has rising into the sky but is only infrequently seen as it is masked by the cloud cover. The Point is free from surfers and their boards and the Esplanade only has a solitary jogging buddy couple pounding the pathway. The Hinterland, for the first time that I can recall, is totally covered by a thick screen of light grey mist. An eerie sight all around.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

View from the Balcony 19/11/09

A wisp of a breeze is wafting in from the sea. A broken line of clouds are stretched along the horizon line like clothes hanging on a washing line. The calm sea is gently washing reluctant waves into the ever embracing arms of the expectant shoreline. The golden orb that is the sun has jostled its way through the cloud line and its now regally shining in full splendour in the light blue of the heavens. The Point is clear of surfers and the Esplanade has the odd jogger or two leaving their sweaty trail for others to follow. The Hinterland is gently exposing more of itself from beneath an ever rapidly veil of dissolving mist. Peaceful.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Body Corporate Issues - The Mediterranean Resort

0427 523 119 Graeme Brattle
8C/3 Second Avenue
Burleigh Heads Qld 4220
18 November 2009

Dear Mediterranean Owners
As you may or may not be aware there are currently issues between the Body Corporate Committee and myself as a current Body Corporate committee member, and the Body Corporate Committee and the Management, being the Sands Group.
I have decided to put pen to paper and give you my perspective of how I see things as I will not be able to attend the next Committee meeting on the 27 November, due to being interstate on this date.
At the last Annual Meeting I strongly expressed that we needed to treat that meeting as a 'watershed' and to move on from the past and to 'start afresh' in the ongoing relationship between the Body Corporate Committee, CTS and the Sands Group.
I had great hopes that what had taken place in the past could be left in the past - albeit still to be worked through to sort out issues of concern, but with the expectation that we had moved on from the events that caused the unresolved concerns in the first place.
At that meeting it was also agreed that future minutes of the Body Corporate Committee meetings would be fleshed out to enable the reader of the minutes to fully understand what was taking place in the meetings in relation to items under discussion.
Sadly, I do not believe that since then we have lived up to the expectations of those two wishes.
Currently you will see that according to the October newsletter to the Owners from the Sands Group, that a considerable sum of our money has been spent by the Committee on Lawyers and Default Notices.
This begs the question: “What is going on that is so bad as to cause the Committee to take such action?”
From where I sit, the simple answer is, money. The amount in question being the $200,000 that we as owners currently pay to the Sands Group under the 'Caretakers Contract'.
I believe that with the action being taken by the Committee against the Sands Group that the Committee is looking to build up enough evidence against the Sands Group to be able to take the matter to a Tribunal and have that Tribunal declare that the Sands Group is no longer a suitable entity to continue to hold the Caretakers Contract.
To do this successfully the Committee will need to build up a history of Default Notices that have not been remedied or suitably actioned by management to the satisfaction of the Committee. This takes time, and it comes at a financial cost as well.
This would then allow the Committee to either manage the duties under the Caretakers Contract themselves or to re-advertise the contract for another third party to take on board.
Either way, I believe that the Committee believes that this can be done with eventual savings to us as owners.
This may or may not be true, as one thing that life has taught me is that there is very little that can be taken as certainty save taxes and death.
What I do know is that such action as is currently being taken by the Committee will end up being a very costly exercise, especially if the Sands Group mount a defence at the Tribunal, should matters go that far.
So where do I fit into all of this. Well it appears that in the minds of some of the Committee members, I am too close to the Sands Group to be able to look at 'the big picture' and that action that I have taken has been considered by some to be inappropriate, and that accordingly it would be better if I was no longer on the Committee.
This was demonstrated by the Committee declaring a Vote of No Confidence in me as a committee person at the Body Corporate Committee meeting on the 11 September 2009.
A reading of those minutes would have you believe that I am far from being a suitable candidate to hold such a position.
I have sent a letter to CTS indicating that I was not happy with the said wording of the minutes recorded in relation to the vote of no confidence and I have requested that the minutes be amended accordingly.
For your information a copy of that letter and a copy of the 7 points of failing follow:



I am writing to object to the wording of the section of the minutes as they relate to the tabled letter from J. Abbot ' That a vote of no confidence in Mr Brattle be put to the meeting'.
I am very disappointed to see that regardless of the efforts that we agreed to at the last Annual Meeting to ensure that a reader of the minutes would have a strong understanding of what occurred at each stage of the Body Corporate Meeting, that this part of the proceedings was very short in substance.
Accordingly I am requesting that the minutes be amended to note that the following was the chain of events.
1. Prior to the Meeting resuming after the Caretakers Report, I was invited to join the Chairman and the other members of the Committee. In the discussion that took place the Chairman informed me that a vote of no confidence would be read out at the meeting ad that on all indications it would be passed. The Chairman advised that the Committee thought my relationship with the Caretakers (John and Jane Belcher) was too close to home and that for me to remain on the Committee would not be in the best interests of other Unit Owners, and would hinder the activity of the Body Corporate Committee in fulfilling it's functions.
I then informed the Chairman that I had no intention of resigning and that the vote of no confidence had best proceed.
2. On recommencing the Meeting the Chairman advised that he had received a letter from Mr J Abbot requesting that a vote of no confidence in me as a Committee member, be placed before the meeting.
The Chairman indicated that the letter had the support of other Committee members as well.
Paul Cassels from the Body Corporate Management (CTS Management Pty Ltd) then read out a seven bullet pointed note. A straw vote was taken and the result was 100% supportive for the vote of no confidence.
Following the reading of the note I was then asked by Paul Cassels as to my response. I indicated to all present that I would reply in writing at an appropriate time after I had had a chance to digest the contents of the note.
I then requested a copy of the note to assist me with by defence of the claims made against me. The Chairman responded that I would have to wait as the note would need to be run by a Solicitor to ensure that there was nothing of a defamation issue contained in the letter. For the record I subsequently received a copy of the note one week later by email from Paul Cassels. My request for a copy of the motion was not included in the minutes, neither the reply from the Chairman that I would have to wait until the document had been run via a Solicitor in relation to any issues of defamation.
3. I was then asked by Paul Cassels to declare if I had any affiliation, interest or other dealings with The Mediterranean Management, The Sands Group or any other party associated with those entities.
My reply was along the lines of yes, I did, in that I had offered participation in my business as a 'cost free' exercise to both the Belchers and their staff, which was nothing more and nothing less than what I had offered to the very committee members who were sitting in front of me. The second part of my response was not included in the minutes.
4. As I had indicated that I was not willing to step down as a committee member, it was then decided that my fate would need to go before an EGM. This also was not included in the minutes.
5. I am happy with the wording of the remainder of that section of the Minutes, commencing with the comment by Mr R. Jacobs.
Would you please advise if a date for the EGM has been struck, as I am still preparing myself to respond to the motion of no confidence.


Graeme Brattle
0427 523 119

Copy of the 7 points of failing:

10 September 2009
• Inappropriate Behaviour. Mr Brattle has NOT acted in the best interest of the Body Corporate (all lot owners). Examples may be provided.
• There has been a breach in the Committee Communication Procedure, where by Mr Brattle has communicated directly with the Caretaker without the Committee’s prior consent.
• Mr Brattle has further breached the Committee’s Invoice Payment Procedure and caused disruption and significant delays in the payment of body corporate accounts. Unauthorised invoices have been deliberately forwarded to CTS Management without the prior approval of two (2) nominated Executive Committee Members.
• Mr Brattle has provided ill informed information to CTS Management and claimed that Telstra Employees were on site to disconnect Essential service lines (this is in breach of the Telstra Duty of Care Agreement).
• Mr Brattle has failed to provide details of the “Building Contractor attendance Register” to prove this.
• Mr Brattle has provided ill informed information to CTS Management regarding the Qualification Requirements of the Resident Caretaker Manager (Real Estate Licences).
• Mr Brattle has failed to follow Committee Expenditure Requirements, and made arrangements with contract suppliers without the prior written consent of the Committee and without notifying the Body Corporate Committee.
The behaviour of Mr Brattle has been in contradiction to committee resolutions and policy and appears to be continually toward the benefit of the Caretaker and NOT that of the Body Corp and Committee.
He is asked to declare any affiliation, interest or other with The Mediterranean Management Sands Group etc.

On the 26/10 I sent the following email to Paul Cassels from CTS MANAGEMENT PTY LTD

Thank you for your email indicating that the Committee would be open for me to continue on the Committee as an ordinary member provided that I remain removed from any action that the Committee may take against the current Caretaker.
I must stress that it was out of courtesy to the Committee that I left the meeting at the time that I did on the 11/09 as the Committee was paying for the time that Dawn Tran from Gadens Lawers was present and I did not want that to end up being a waste of time and money.
I am also concerned that I was not provided with the opportunity to contribute to the final wording of the minutes of the meeting of 11/09, and also that I was not made privy of the second meeting on the 01/10, especially as it was resolved by the Committee members present on the 11/09 that I remain an Ordinary Committee Member with equal voting rights for all other matters.
After taking the above into consideration, along with the manner in which the action of a 'vote of no confidence' in me was handled, I am advising that I would like the Committee to pursue the 'Vote of no confidence' action thereby allowing me the right to be heard by the owners of units at The Mediterranean Resort at the appropriate time.
In the meantime I remain hopeful that the current Committee will allow me to fulfil my obligations to the owners of units in The Mediterranean, by allowing me to be present at any Committee meeting held before the EGM takes place. Again, I will absent myself from any discussion that relates between any action between the Committee and the Caretaker as well as any discussion that relates to the Committee and action against myself.


Graeme Brattle
0427 523 119

So there it is, at the moment things are in limbo as I am waiting on the Committee to see if they will proceed with the Vote of no confidence action, as should they decide to do so I will be asking for a copy of all evidence prior to my responding to the seven bullet points.

I also believe that my personal relationship with members of the Sands Group via our business - Where there is a Will - is far enough removed so as not to influence any action that I may deem is appropriate as a Committee member of the Mediterranean Resort Body Corporate. However, I will need to rely on your confirmation that you would be happy for me to continue as a committee member in order to remain on the Committee.

Should you have any questions for me in relation to the content of this note, do feel free to give me a call.


Graeme Brattle
Unit Owner 2403
0427 523 119

View from the Balcony 18/11/09

A strong breeze coming from inland has moved the balcony chairs around somewhat. The overnight rain has given the air a fresh crisp smell. A white haze sits across the horizon muting the melding of the sky and sea. The sun has risen and is sending out a welcoming path of light across the surface of the slightly undulating sea directly to our unit. The waves are reaching the shore without notice and it is only the sound of them breaking that gives their presence away, before they run up the beach and disappear into the damp sands of the shoreline. Surfers are absent from the Point and only the occasional pedestrian has ventured out along the Esplanade. The Hinterland is still resting beneath a light covering of mist although patches are beginning to appear as the warmth of the day becomes more pronounced. A fresh feeling!

Monday, November 16, 2009

View from the Balcony 17/11/09

Ahh that beautiful warm see breeze, just strong enough to let you know it is there but not strong enough to rustle the leaves on the plants on the balcony. The horizon line is clear of cloud however directly above a very large mass of cotton puff ball clouds have grouped together like a bus load of tourists admiring yet another item of interest. The grey looking sea is sending medium choppy waves bustling towards the ever patiently awaiting shore line. The initial fiery red of the sun has now changed into the white light of a welders gun as it has slowly but ever so meaningfully climbed into the sky to take its place as the centre of attention. Again the Point is surfer free while the Esplanade has already greeted a number of joggers and walkers. The Hinterland is coming alive as the last remaining pockets of valley mist dissolve in the warmth of the suns rays. Powerful sight.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

View from the Balcony 16/11/09

A light on shore breeze is barely disturbing the leaves on the trees. The sky is clear of cloud save for the light band that sits above and along the horizon. The sea has a roughish texture to it and is sending small choppy waves that only break on impact with the ever patient shoreline. The sky has melded through a great range of colours and here I pause for the reds, pinks, yellow and blues as the sun has without flair or fuss made todays ascent into the heavens. The Point is free of surfer and surfboards and the Esplanade has only a single late night couple ever so slowly meandering like a snail path homewards. The Hinterland is gradually emerging from beneath a cloak of mist to greet the warm rays of the ever brighter sun. A top day has arrived.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

View from the Balcony 15/11/09

Another great sight presents itself for comment. A warm light wisp of a breeze is coming off the calm sea and onto the land. A light bank of clouds stretch across the horizon like a finishing tape for a running event. But it is far too late as the sun has already climbed onto the podium and taken first place as the centrepiece of the scene. Late breaking blue waves are gently running up the golden sand of the shoreline, kissing the beach and then departing from sight. The Point is being shared by several hopeful surfers and a number of small fishing boats with the surfers staying closer to the rocky land edge. The Esplanade waits quietly for the first sound of happy users. Hinterland has a range of greens as the valleys are still lightly covered in soft mist. Calmness is present.

Friday, November 13, 2009

View from the Balcony 14/11/09

Sunlight streaming past the Balcony and into the Lounge. It is only 5.20am Burleigh time and already the warmth of the new day is leaving its mark. A bank of off white and muted grey clouds stretch across the horizon line but the sun has already bypassed them and is announcing to all and sundry that it will not be stopped in its mission to conqueror the heavens. The calm light blue sea is washing gentle undulating waves which on arriving at the shoreline run up the wet golden sand, caress the beach and then sink from view. A solitary fishing boat has replaced surfers at the Point and the Esplanade is jumping to the rhythm of feet on concrete as joggers are in full gait. Hinterland is displaying a range of green as the covering of night mist is quickly dissolving. A powerful sight.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

View from the Balcony 13/11/09

A mild onshore breeze is present. A line of thin elongated light grey clouds are stretched like a rubber band across the horizon line. The calm light blue sea is gently washing late breaking waves onto the ever welcoming shore line. The sun is the centrepiece of the scene as it hangs in the sky, white in colour, radiating warmth in all directions. A welcoming path of light running directly to our unit sparkles on the sea surface. Two sole surfers sit on their boards at the Point waiting for the wave that is not appearing. Today the Esplanade is feeling the presence of both jogger and walker. Hinterland has layers of light mist shielding the valleys from the direct presence of the day. Restful!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

View from the Balcony 12/11/09

A warm on shore breeze is wafting into the Unit. Some solid grey clouds like loosely placed boulders are scattered across the horizon line. The calm light blue sea is sending undulating late breaking waves onto the awaiting shoreline where they are quickly absorbed by the golden sands. The sun has climbed into the sky and is currently making use of finding a gap in the clouds to radiate warmth into the scene. Several surfers are bobbing on their boards at the Point hopeful that the sea will send them a surprise ride or two. The Esplanade is quiet as todays joggers have not yet arrived. Hinterland has removed its cloak of night and the layers of green are in sharp definition. A great day has arrived.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

View from the Balcony 11/11/09

Morning has broken and a warm onshore breeze is encouraging small late breaking whitecaps to rush up the awaiting golden sand of the beach line and to disappear from view. A bank of rather large puff clouds stretch along the horizon line sitting several feet above the sea. The sun has risen and is shining brightly like an opaque white Osram globe in a small room. A number of surfers are sitting in pecking order at the Point and the Esplanade is receiving a constant pounding from enthusiastic joggers. Hinterland has pulled back the covering of night. A single hot air balloon can be seen in the distance hovering over the Bond Uni precinct. It is a warm morning and the sound of the sea is LOUD!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

View from the Balcony 10/11/11

A warm breeze is coming off the sea. Layers of multi hued grey clouds dominate the sky. Grey coloured sea is sending line after line of late breaking waves towards the embrace of the awaiting shoreline. The sun has risen and is trying to promote its presence with rays of warmth. Surfers have gathered at the Point and appear to be hurriedly paddling to catch as many waves as they can manage. The Esplanade is vibrating to the pounding of some early morning joggers.The Hinterland has a light touch of mist in the valleys while overhead the grey clouds continue to feature most strongly. It is a powerful sight.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

View from the Balcony 09/11/09

Overnight, strong on shore winds had the balcony chairs rearranging themselves ready for inspection at first light. Sky full of heavy grey cloud is giving a sombre appearance to the day. The sun is being well hidden from direct view. Rough seas are whipping in whitehorses that are pounding the waiting beach line. No surfers can be sighted at the Point and the Esplanade is also clear of human traffic. The Hinterland is hiding behind a wall of solid grey mist. A great 'hot chocolate' view!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

View from the Balcony 08/11/09

Layers of scattered grey puff clouds are stretched out along the horizon line. A mildly agitated grey sea is sending in line after line of waves that break some 50 metres from the shore and then slowly, as though exhausted, fall into the golden sands of the awaiting shoreline. A dozen or so surfers are attempting to ride white capped waves at the Point, while the Esplanade waits expectantly for the first sounds of human presence. Hinterland had a red/pink cover of mist that slowly dissipated as the rays from the rising sun reached out like octopus tentacles with shafts of warmth. Stillness abounds!

Friday, November 6, 2009

View from the balcony 07/11/09

Small grey storm clouds huddling together above the horizon have quickly stepped aside and made a clear passageway for the arriving sun to dominate the scene. The grey sea below is rushing small waves into the open arms of the golden shoreline. A group of surfers sit in platoon formation at the Point waiting for the right wave to appreciate their presence. The Esplanade is currently clear from human activity but we know it is only a matter of time before that will change. The Hinterland is slowly peeling back the covering of grey mist, leaving residual pockets of covering in the valleys to be dissolved by the arrival of the warmth of the suns rays. A calm sight.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A big welcome

This is just to say that I will be aiming to do the early morning reports from the balcony as a Blog. The first test will be tomorrow morning!!!