Saturday, January 2, 2010

View from the Balcony 03/01/2010

A refreshing light breeze coming from the Hinterland is bringing welcomed relief to what had previously been the equivalent of a swamp of stale water as far as movement goes. The radiant white sun has already climbed past a layer of whitish grey clouds that were stationing themselves as an unauthorised barrier above the horizon, and into the blue clearing that has opened up before it. As the centrepiece of attention it is doing all that it can to do justice to its arrival The light dull blue sea on the other hand is just sending small ripples of barely defined waves in a constant endeavour towards the welcoming shoreline. Some ten meters short of their finishing line they make a last desperate run at the golden sands only to be absorbed unnoticed by the ever thirsty beach. The Point is bare of any surfers and the Esplanade has only the occasional early morning stroller admiring all that it has to offer. The car parking spaces are already three quarters full and this indicates that the bbq's and picnic spaces will be well utilised during the day. The Hinterland is throwing back its night cover of mist but patches of cloud are hindering it from showing to all and sundry just how spectacular a range of hills and valleys it contains for everyone to admire. A restful sight.

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