Saturday, January 30, 2010

View from the Balcony 31/01/2010

A short, sharp, intense shower of rain welcomed me as I opened the Balcony doors. This quickly gave way to being buffeted by a cool breeze that was hurriedly rushing past on its way from the Hinterland to an appointment that was somewhere out of sight over the ocean. Above the horizon line, grey and black clouds dominate the heavenly canopy and were doing their best to hinder any attempt by the sun to indicate that it was about its daily task of being the centre of attention during daylight hours. But alas, failure was again the call of the day, as beams of light like drinking straws that stand loosely in a jar, penetrated the opposition and broke through to lighten the scene. The sea has a rather rough texture to it with noticeable waves constantly rolling in to the shoreline but only breaking at the last moment before they rushed sales like up the golden sands of the awaiting beach only to quickly depart from sight without so much as a whimper. The Point is again without the presence of any members of the surfing fraternity and appears a rather lonely sight as a result. It is a different story along the Esplanade as the freshly washed pathways play host to a number of jumper wearing and umbrella wielding walkers. The two wheeled lycra set have gone the way of the surfers and are nowhere to be seen. However, many must be anticipating a far better long term future for the day as the vacant car parking spaces are rapidly diminishing. Gazing back over the Hinterland the sight was one of quiet disarray. The range was struggling to cast aside the night covering of mist and this was being further hampered by patchy rain falling in a totally random placement, which gave the mountain range no chance to protect itself from this intrusion to its daily routine. Much like a teenage boys bedroom, it was an altogether messy sight. A fresh presentation to what should be a top day.

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