Sunday, January 3, 2010

View from the Balcony 04/01/2010

A mild on shore breeze has the leaves on the balcony plants flapping in all directions. A painters canvas sky is chock full of grey clouds of various hues and sizes and the risen sun is only able to briefly make an appearance as the clouds jostle one another out of the way. The sea has a dull green look to it as though it is still recovering from a bad night elsewhere. The undulating waves are only breaking metres from the shoreline and then follow each other as they stagger up the awaiting sands of the builders sand colour of the beach to then disappear from view without so much as a whimper. The number of surfers at the Point has grown to the stage where a supervisor is almost needed to ensure that decorum is maintained within their ranks. So far all is good. The Esplanade on the other hand has had one lone jogger and an apparently tipsy seagull make use of its wonderful facilities. There are car parking spaces aplenty and this speaks well for a quieter day for the grassy strip. The Hinterland has an opaque cover of night mist that is still yet to be thrown back and discarded, allowing the hills and valleys of the mountain range to then fully display their powerful presence to all. An interesting sight.

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