Sunday, January 31, 2010

View from the Balcony 01/02/2010

The first attempt at opening the Balcony doors was quickly abandoned after papers on the Dining room table and Kitchen bench top were sent flying into the air as though being sucked up and then spat out by a 'willy willy'. After a hasty tidy up I then went about reassessing my door opening procedure. I decided that if I quickly slid open the left hand door wide enough for my body to get through and then make a charge I should make it with a minimal amount of rearranged items occurring, like the chaos that is when the music stops for musical chairs and there is a mad scramble to reach and occupy one of the remaining havens of safety. With bold determination I mustered enough strength to quickly execute the plan with minimal casualties resulting. In trying to remain balanced against the buffeting of the almost, well at least to me, hurricane strength winds I nearly fell over as I tried to walk closer to grab hold of the security of the railing. A sight that I presented to any other early high riser occupant as being a worthy entry to 'Australia's funniest home videos'. On turning around and looking back into the Lounge I quickly realised that the damage was more than I had calculated for. I had the sinking feeling that the CES may need to be involved, such was the sight of strewn papers that seemed to come out of nowhere only to be caught up in the happening of the moment. Nevertheless, so determined was I to take a couple of photos that I ignored the loose pebbles lying on the Balcony tiles and took some quick shots. Well, as quickly as one can when the camera needs to readjust itself after each exposure, however I won out and achieved my short term goal. Then it was a hasty retreat back inside to the safety and warmth of the womb of the unit, being the Kitchen. Here I regrouped and decided that any report would need to be done from the safety of the confines within the Unit, and not from the wildly buffeted exposed Balcony. The result being, no 'View from the Balcony' today.

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