Wednesday, January 20, 2010

View from the Balcony 21/01/2010

The barest of feeling of being touched is how light the air movement is as I stand on the Balcony watching the sun in all its radiant glory ascend into the sky. A distant light haze was doing little to protect the small bank of solid light grey cloud that was sitting along the horizon from melting away, like marshmallows in hot chocolate, as the warmth of the suns rays made their impact. The calm light grey/blue of the sea was only revealing at the last moment that it was trying to reach out to the golden sands of the shoreline by sending out little waves that hurriedly scampered out of the light of exposure, only to disappear from view as quickly as they appeared. The clear light blue sky has only an occasional elongated white cloud marring what could have been a solid wash of colour. One solitary stand up surfboard rider is at the Point looking lost, as with no waves present, the site lies abandoned from the slapping of surfboards on the waters surface. The Esplanade likewise is light on human activity, with only three walkers enjoying the freshness that is the morning to stroll along the pathways. At the rear, the Hinterland again looks great as having discarded it's nightly covering of mist it stands exposed in all its finery of greens that show of the hills and valleys that make up this great structure, ready to face all that the day has to bring. A top sight!!

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