Monday, January 4, 2010

Mewsing from the Moggie - Old Post

Hi All,

And I mean HIGH as I am now well entrenched in the joys of residing in the Resort Complex at Burleigh Heads.

And I mean IN the Complex, as in a Unit, rather than moving from the Gazebo to the poolside chairs and back again.

Yes, life has certainly changed dramatically for this four legged furball. As you know, it all came about as a result of the recent Body Corporate meeting and I have been lapping up the attention ever since.

I know that I am only a guest where I am staying but from what I have been overhearing it looks likely that I may have a new 'owner' within the next few months, so that is something that I have to look forward to as well.

I did place a post on FaceBook the other day along the lines of 'no matter if the bars are steel or gold, a cage is still a cage'. That was not done in disrespect of how I have been looked after over the past week, but is was posted to let others know that although I am enjoying the Apartment lifestyle, I have lost the freedom of running along the path outside the indoor pool, of rolling over and over on my back on the lawns, of chasing butterflies in the garden beds *hmmm, should not have mentioned that one*.

My 'freedom' has come at a price.

Other than that, all has been great, I have received many visitors and below is a picture of me with Dylan, a young friend from FaceBook postings that his father lodges. I received a lot of hugs, belly rubs and ear tickling from Dylan. Thanks for that Dylan.

Kaleb, a grandson of my assistant, has also been visiting me during the week. Kaleb, your attention to my welfare was great. I loved how you gave me great cuddles. I will miss you young friend, as you head back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

And what about the residents of this fine Resort Complex. They have been great. I have had many enquiries asking about my welfare and my assistant has been so chuffed that people care so much about one lonely, abandoned, stray cat.

Thank you to all.

Thats it for this week.

Love GTF.

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