Wednesday, January 27, 2010

View from the Balcony 28/01/2010

It was the squawking of the birds nesting in the trees along the Esplanade that greeted me as I opened the Balcony glass doors. They were busily getting ready for their short morning flight to the parkland area that plays host to the Burleigh Surf Club and Lawn Bowls facilities. Apparently, there must have been some issue over the pecking order as the noise was the equilivant of the welcoming of friends at a conference gathering of the CWA movement. However, with issues quickly being resolved, quiet once again has prevailed. The calm, slightly undulating grey blue sea is washing gentle late breaking waves onto the golden sands of shoreline where they quickly enjoy their moment of exposure before hastily departing to make way for the next 'show and tell' candidate. Above the horizon line the sun has again, as if through some ritual process, climbed its way past the light grey cloud bank that was playing century duty along the width of view, and is now presenting itself as the beacon of authority to the scene. Nestling in the sky and surrounding the sun in ever expanding waves, myriad's of light grey puff clouds jostle for prominence. Again the surfers have abandoned the Point only to be replaced by half a dozen or so canoeists who are currently paddling towards Surfers with an ever expanding gap appearing between each rower. The Esplanade has more than the usual number of walkers gracing its footpaths. No bike riders today on either the road or pathways. At the rear, whilst the Hinterland has cast aside the nightly cover of mist it is currently in the shadows of layers of cloud, which is having the effect of muting the bold colours of greens that is the stable range of its presentation of hills and valleys. No doubt the sun will take care of this in due course as it's piercing rays of warmth arrive to sort things out. A calming sight all round.

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