Wednesday, January 6, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 07/01/2010

There is a dampness in the slight zephyr of an onshore breeze, most likely as an aftermath of the overnight rain that we received. The sky is filled with a patchwork of grey clouds of differing strengths of tone and shape set out in the old Sarah Lee pattern of 'layer upon layer upon layer'. The risen sun cannot be seen directly as it is caught like the main actor in a stage production behind the heavy front house curtain that will not open to allow them to be seen by the expectant audience. The light grey coloured sea is verging on the cusp of being calm as only late breaking waves give hint to the powerful force that is contained within the might of sea. Those waves are bringing delight to a number of surfers who today have left the fold of the Point and like straying cattle are meandering their way along the length of the shoreline. This is also a first, an armada of small fishing vessels have left the safety of the nearby river complex and are spreading out in a line formation as they gather mid way to the distant line of the horizon. I have not seen this before. The Esplanade is witness to a number of walkers, joggers and the occasional bike rider. Turning around and looking through the unit the Hinterland has discarded its cover of overnight mist and is standing proud revealing the hills and valleys in their derwent shades of green, all save for a couple of valleys where patches of mist appear to be still hiding from the warmth of the day. A relaxing feeling is present.

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