Monday, January 18, 2010

View from the Balcony 19/01/2010

A light on shore breeze is bringing a freshness to the day. A proverbial bank of cloud is lazily resting on the horizon. Today the colour is a light grey which gives a nice boarder appearance to the clear light blue sky above. The light grey/blue sea is almost glass like in it's flatness with the appearance of waves being almost an afterthought as they break open only moments before reaching the golden sands of the shoreline, only to then disappear back out of sight after exposing themselves to all passing by. The sun has arrived right on time and has commenced its daily trek across the heavens. As it rises out of sight, being hidden by the cloud, a fan effect of bright red rays shoot into the sky to show its exact whereabouts in the scene set before me. As it rises, the cloud bank begins to soften as melting butter does in a heated pan. Tinges of red appear briefly on the clouds top edge only to be lost as the cloud dissolves leaving the sun beaming in full splendour, alone, unencumbered. A golden trail, much like the famous yellow brick road, leads directly across the seas surface to where I am standing inviting me to step out and appreciate the days new experience. The Point is bare of surfers as the sea is only providing a gentle swell along the rocky outcrop that borders the Point. The Esplanade, while quiet is echoing to the sound of chirping birds as they bounce around on the branches of the various trees. A small fitness class is coming together on the grass to the right of me. Turning around, my gaze is taken by the Hinterland which has broken free of its overnight covering of mist and is proudly displaying the full range of greens of its valleys and hills to all who would care to look. A great sight for a great day.

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