Sunday, January 24, 2010

View from the Balcony 25/01/2010

A cool refreshing on shore breeze greets me as I step out onto the Balcony. The sky is full of clouds that are changing colour in front of me, much like a cycle of coloured party lights, as the sun sends out rays of warmth into all parts of the heavenly canopy. For the present the sun has just moved behind yet another cloud in the manner of a 'peek a boo' game that one may have with young babies. Now it appears again, casting a glimmering pathway of light on the waters surface that leads directly to me, like the red carpet treatment that one real estate company willingly offers. I feel so privileged to have this attention. The sea has a murky grey colour to it which should change over the next couple of hours as the sun heats up the day and in doing so dissolves the layers of cloud that surround its presence. Small waves only disturb the surface of the calm sea and begin to appear and break some ten metres from the shoreline, where they then race each other to be the first to scuttle up the golden sands of the beach and then to quickly disappear from sight. Some small pleasure boats have replaced the surfers at the Point due no doubt in part to the Today show conducting their broadcast from the grassy hillock that is the gateway to the small national park that sits on top of the hill that is the Point. The Esplanade likewise has only a bare skeleton of users enjoying its many attractions. This too will no doubt change as the day progresses.The Hinterland having thrown off it's nightly covering of mist stands proudly as a backdrop, with is multi shades of green hills and valleys openly presenting themselves to be admired by anyone caring to take a look. Yes, it is another top sight.

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