Thursday, January 7, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 08/01/2010

An occasional small red flower lies on the balcony tiles and a pleasant on shore breeze is bringing a freshness in the air following last nights strong wind and patchy rain. The sky has a multi coloured grey cloud covering, that like yesterday is shielding the sun from direct eye contact, in much the same way as Polaroid glasses filter out the glare of the day. The dull blue sea has a slightly rough texture to it much like a poorly rendered brick wall with waves breaking only meters before they reach their destination and clamber up the golden sands of the shoreline and disappear forever out of sight. There are around twenty surfers gathered at the point in a formation that any grand prix car racing enthusiast would be proud of moments before the starters flag slices the air to announce, race on. The Esplanade is alive with the sound of exercise as joggers and walkers pass one another up and down the pathway that separates the grassy strip and the bush scrub that sits between the road and the bank of sand dunes that meld into the beach. Speeding small groups of brightly coloured lycra are spaced out along the roadway. The Hinterland has cast off its overnight covering of mist and is proudly displaying all its hills and valleys in the same way as a body builder strikes a competition pose. The armada of small boats have again appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and have taken up position mid way between the Point and the horizon. My thought is that perhaps a fishing contest is underway. Enough for now, the day is here.

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