Wednesday, January 13, 2010

View from the Balcony - 14/01/2010

A welcoming light on shore breeze is being received, soft enough to be felt but not strong enough to give itself away through movement in the balcony greenery. The sun has now well and truly ascended the escalator of duty after having passed two medium light grey cloud banks that have positioned themselves above the horizon line. Spotlights of warmth appear on the water and a glimmer of a snail trail makes an occasional appearance. The light grey sea is just a couple of notches above calm and only the occasional undulation gives away the fact that small waves are hiding below the surface. Only exposing themselves as the the game draws to a close and they are only metres from their goal of reaching the welcoming sands of the golden beach without being sighted. The Point is bare of any surfers and the fishing boats have again appeared and taken up their place above the 'gravel patch' waiting for the mackerel to swim on by. The Esplanade is also quiet with only an intermittent Jogger giving the walkway a workout. The Hinterland, whilst having cast aside its covering of night, is still not revealing its true splendour as a covering of dark cloud sits above it with a presence much like a sumo wrestler body slamming a helpless victim for the count of three. A great day to enjoy has arrived.

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