Friday, January 8, 2010

View from the Balcony - 09/01/2010

A pleasantly light on shore breeze is gently caressing the balcony plants and bringing movement of fresh air into the unit. A large car park full of grey clouds are crowding along the horizon line and are acting as a buffer between the sea and the relatively cloud free light blue sky above. The sun has already climbed three quarters of the way past them in its quest to again be the centrepiece of the day, bringing light and warmth to all and sundry. The dull blue sea is stealthily sending undulating ripples towards the shoreline which only reveal themselves as small waves moments before they launch themselves onto the golden sands of the awaiting beach, only to have their attention ignored whereby they then quickly sulk away from view. There are less than five surfers at the Point and they appear to be enjoying the exclusivity of having the odd breaking wave all to themselves to have their way with. The Esplanade has minimum exercisers enjoying its facilities, however a quartet of youngish women have just walked past deep in loud post mortem of the nights escapade in the club precinct that is a feature of after dark Surfers. From the noise they were making they appeared to have had an enjoyable time, with raucous laughter ascending as various male names were mentioned. It is amazing how the strip below can amplify the sound of the human voice depending on other noises that are taking place at the same time. The Hinterland looks refreshed following last nights rain and has already discarded its cover of nightly mist to stand proudly as a backdrop to the coastal plane that is the home of the biggest shopping centre in the South East of Queensland (a miniature Victorian Chadstone shopping centre if ever there was one). A great day is before us!!

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