Friday, January 29, 2010

View from the Balcony 30/01/2010

The Balcony plants wave back their greeting to the slight breeze that is coming from over the Hinterland and is passing us by on its way out to the sea. Gazing along the horizon line one can see that a big band of grey cloud is circling the scene much like ingredients cling to the sides of a cooking bowl. The sun has now risen bast this delightful treat and is now moving unencumbered in the clear light blue sky that forms its backdrop. The sea, whilst verging on being flat, does have a slight ripple to it but ever so small, much like a doona that has just been re fluffed and re spread over a bed has that waviness appearance. Along the shore line, the golden sands of the beach wait eagerly to be caressed by the lapping water that is the last gasp of each waves journey. Today, the wait is ever so painful as the experience does not live up to expectation, as there is little sign of any waves actually breaking to create a foaming white marker that can be left in the sand as a reminder of where the wave actually reached before it disappeared ever so quietly from view. Alas, the surfers have again given the Point a miss, but just out further, mid way to the horizon, a mustering of small fishing boats are corralled unfenced over the spot known as the gravel patch. The Esplanade with its grassy lawn showing a light green tinge following the recent rains, waits to feel the pounding of human feet up and down its pathways. Turning my gaze 180 degrees, I can see that the Hinterland is slowly awakening from its overnight rest and is in the throes of casting aside the layer of mist that was its covering. Hills and valleys are slowly being revealed with their range of green colourings giving great contrast to the blue of the sky above. A top sight, for a top day!!

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