Sunday, January 31, 2010

View from the safety of the Lounge 01/02/2010

Well, having regained a touch of composure after my dismal attempt to do a live report from the Balcony, I have made the decision to pass comment from the safety and warmth of the inside of the unit. First up is the state of the Balcony. The chairs that I stacked up last night remain safe, however the two large lounge chairs have collided around the side part of the Balcony that overlooks the Hinterland and back of Burleigh. In doing so, they also bumper nudged a small outdoor coffee table thereby knocking over the two plant posts that were up until then sitting restfully on the table top. On falling over, the pebbles that had been placed around the plants as a feature effect were now strewn over the Balcony floor, creating a hazard to the unaware. This is definitely a 'Danger Zone' for the time being. On gazing past the Balcony the sky is full of masses of grey clouds, all jockeying for position of importance. The sea is a dull green in colour and is pounding the shore line with foamy white tops. Only the most hardy of walker has braved the Esplanade and in one direction they are being blown along whilst on their return journey they are walking at almost a 45 degree angle into the howling wind gusts. No surfers are at the Point and this speaks well for some intelligence being displayed, as the waves are rough and nasty. Turning around and looking out the back, the Hinterland gives the appearance that it is still hiding under last nights veil of mist and is refusing to acknowledge that the day has arrived. The usual greens of the hills and valleys are out of sight, hidden. All around, it is a wild sight. Great to be part of it!!

View from the Balcony 01/02/2010

The first attempt at opening the Balcony doors was quickly abandoned after papers on the Dining room table and Kitchen bench top were sent flying into the air as though being sucked up and then spat out by a 'willy willy'. After a hasty tidy up I then went about reassessing my door opening procedure. I decided that if I quickly slid open the left hand door wide enough for my body to get through and then make a charge I should make it with a minimal amount of rearranged items occurring, like the chaos that is when the music stops for musical chairs and there is a mad scramble to reach and occupy one of the remaining havens of safety. With bold determination I mustered enough strength to quickly execute the plan with minimal casualties resulting. In trying to remain balanced against the buffeting of the almost, well at least to me, hurricane strength winds I nearly fell over as I tried to walk closer to grab hold of the security of the railing. A sight that I presented to any other early high riser occupant as being a worthy entry to 'Australia's funniest home videos'. On turning around and looking back into the Lounge I quickly realised that the damage was more than I had calculated for. I had the sinking feeling that the CES may need to be involved, such was the sight of strewn papers that seemed to come out of nowhere only to be caught up in the happening of the moment. Nevertheless, so determined was I to take a couple of photos that I ignored the loose pebbles lying on the Balcony tiles and took some quick shots. Well, as quickly as one can when the camera needs to readjust itself after each exposure, however I won out and achieved my short term goal. Then it was a hasty retreat back inside to the safety and warmth of the womb of the unit, being the Kitchen. Here I regrouped and decided that any report would need to be done from the safety of the confines within the Unit, and not from the wildly buffeted exposed Balcony. The result being, no 'View from the Balcony' today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

View from the Balcony 31/01/2010

A short, sharp, intense shower of rain welcomed me as I opened the Balcony doors. This quickly gave way to being buffeted by a cool breeze that was hurriedly rushing past on its way from the Hinterland to an appointment that was somewhere out of sight over the ocean. Above the horizon line, grey and black clouds dominate the heavenly canopy and were doing their best to hinder any attempt by the sun to indicate that it was about its daily task of being the centre of attention during daylight hours. But alas, failure was again the call of the day, as beams of light like drinking straws that stand loosely in a jar, penetrated the opposition and broke through to lighten the scene. The sea has a rather rough texture to it with noticeable waves constantly rolling in to the shoreline but only breaking at the last moment before they rushed sales like up the golden sands of the awaiting beach only to quickly depart from sight without so much as a whimper. The Point is again without the presence of any members of the surfing fraternity and appears a rather lonely sight as a result. It is a different story along the Esplanade as the freshly washed pathways play host to a number of jumper wearing and umbrella wielding walkers. The two wheeled lycra set have gone the way of the surfers and are nowhere to be seen. However, many must be anticipating a far better long term future for the day as the vacant car parking spaces are rapidly diminishing. Gazing back over the Hinterland the sight was one of quiet disarray. The range was struggling to cast aside the night covering of mist and this was being further hampered by patchy rain falling in a totally random placement, which gave the mountain range no chance to protect itself from this intrusion to its daily routine. Much like a teenage boys bedroom, it was an altogether messy sight. A fresh presentation to what should be a top day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

So, you want the facts - Spin doctoring at it's best!!

The following was sent to me by my good friend Greg Cook.

It is worth reading, TWICE!!

Judy Wallman, a professional genealogy researcher in southern California ,
was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that
Congressman Harry Reid's great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse
stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. Both Judy and Harry Reid
share this common ancestor.

The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in
Montana territory: *
On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this
inscription: 'Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison
1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton
detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.'

So Judy recently e-mailed Congressman Harry Reid for information about their
great-great uncle.
Harry Reid: *

Believe it or not, Harry Reid's staff sent back the following biographical
sketch for her genealogy research:*

"Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory. His business
empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and
intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted
several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to
resume his dealings with the railroad. In 1887, he was a key player in a
vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In
1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honor
when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed."** **

NOW THAT's how it's done, Folks! That's real POLITICAL SPIN *

View from the Balcony 30/01/2010

The Balcony plants wave back their greeting to the slight breeze that is coming from over the Hinterland and is passing us by on its way out to the sea. Gazing along the horizon line one can see that a big band of grey cloud is circling the scene much like ingredients cling to the sides of a cooking bowl. The sun has now risen bast this delightful treat and is now moving unencumbered in the clear light blue sky that forms its backdrop. The sea, whilst verging on being flat, does have a slight ripple to it but ever so small, much like a doona that has just been re fluffed and re spread over a bed has that waviness appearance. Along the shore line, the golden sands of the beach wait eagerly to be caressed by the lapping water that is the last gasp of each waves journey. Today, the wait is ever so painful as the experience does not live up to expectation, as there is little sign of any waves actually breaking to create a foaming white marker that can be left in the sand as a reminder of where the wave actually reached before it disappeared ever so quietly from view. Alas, the surfers have again given the Point a miss, but just out further, mid way to the horizon, a mustering of small fishing boats are corralled unfenced over the spot known as the gravel patch. The Esplanade with its grassy lawn showing a light green tinge following the recent rains, waits to feel the pounding of human feet up and down its pathways. Turning my gaze 180 degrees, I can see that the Hinterland is slowly awakening from its overnight rest and is in the throes of casting aside the layer of mist that was its covering. Hills and valleys are slowly being revealed with their range of green colourings giving great contrast to the blue of the sky above. A top sight, for a top day!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

View from the Balcony 29/01/2010

After getting up at 3:30 to stack the Balcony chairs and to relocate the table pot plants due to the strong wind gusts that were sweeping over the Hinterland and rushing out to sea, it was a pleasant relief to be met by a zephyr of a breeze. The small flower buds that were wrenched forcefully from the various plants at the hand of the overnight gale are lined up like a pile of confetti once the sprinkled bride has moved from her place of baptising. Easy task to tidy up. Looking out past the rather calm grey sea I can just make out the horizon line as the sky above is just one great army blanket grey, that is hanging like washing on a line that blocks the view of everything behind it. Waves are only appearing as they hit the golden sands of the eagerly awaiting shoreline where they in vain attempt to scamper to the safety of the distant scrub brush, only to fade from sight far short of their goal.
The Point is surfer free, as only a small swell is running alongside the rocky outcrop and splashing the boulders with the occasional spray of salt water. The Esplanade with it's freshly rain washed pathways is playing host to a number of early morning activists, with jogging, walking and cycling being the main endeavours. As the out of sight sun has now climbed up the first few rungs of the heavenly ladder the clouds are beginning to separate away from their previous solidarity and some light off white colour is beginning to surround the break away offenders. Turning around, I can see that the Hinterland is playing host to a number of light white cotton ball puff clouds that are hiding in the valleys, jostling one another and almost daring each other to make a break for it and flee to the safety of the cloud mass gathered above. The only sighting of blue in the sky is northwards over Surfers. All up, it is a tranquil sight.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

View from the Balcony 28/01/2010

It was the squawking of the birds nesting in the trees along the Esplanade that greeted me as I opened the Balcony glass doors. They were busily getting ready for their short morning flight to the parkland area that plays host to the Burleigh Surf Club and Lawn Bowls facilities. Apparently, there must have been some issue over the pecking order as the noise was the equilivant of the welcoming of friends at a conference gathering of the CWA movement. However, with issues quickly being resolved, quiet once again has prevailed. The calm, slightly undulating grey blue sea is washing gentle late breaking waves onto the golden sands of shoreline where they quickly enjoy their moment of exposure before hastily departing to make way for the next 'show and tell' candidate. Above the horizon line the sun has again, as if through some ritual process, climbed its way past the light grey cloud bank that was playing century duty along the width of view, and is now presenting itself as the beacon of authority to the scene. Nestling in the sky and surrounding the sun in ever expanding waves, myriad's of light grey puff clouds jostle for prominence. Again the surfers have abandoned the Point only to be replaced by half a dozen or so canoeists who are currently paddling towards Surfers with an ever expanding gap appearing between each rower. The Esplanade has more than the usual number of walkers gracing its footpaths. No bike riders today on either the road or pathways. At the rear, whilst the Hinterland has cast aside the nightly cover of mist it is currently in the shadows of layers of cloud, which is having the effect of muting the bold colours of greens that is the stable range of its presentation of hills and valleys. No doubt the sun will take care of this in due course as it's piercing rays of warmth arrive to sort things out. A calming sight all round.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

View from the Balcony 27/01/2010

On opening the sliding doors that stand guard and separate the Lounge area from the Balcony, I was greeted by a pleasant breeze that was coming from behind the Hinterland and sweeping out towards the sea. Allowing my gaze to continue in the same direction as the breeze, I observed that again the horizon line that is the defining point between sea and sky was playing host to a covering of light grey cloud that was stretched tighter than the strings of Federa's tennis racquet, right across the with of view. Above that, only an occasional small white cloud was present to mar the clean sweep of light blue that would otherwise comprise the remainder of the heavenly scene. Well, that is apart from the sun, which once again true to form has arrived to take charge of the day. The sea has a touch of choppiness to it and waves are only announcing their presence above the undulating swell some two metres before they finish their journey, by running with their last bit of remaining energy up the awaiting golden sands of the shoreline, only to lie exhausted in that final embrace and then fade forever from sight. The Point, which saw so much activity during yesterday's Australia Day festivities, is bare of surfers which is allowing the gentle rolling waves to run unimpeded along the rocky outcrop. The Esplanade on the other hand is playing host to a renaissance of activity, with walkers, joggers and even a fitness class being up and about sweating penance for yesterdays overeating. A flash of coloured lycra on the road marks the presence of two wheeled helmeted riders heading towards the North Burleigh Hill, and no doubt a welcomed drink break. At the rear, the Hinterland lies stretched out, having cast aside the overnight covering of mist, to reveal the range of greens that are the valleys and hills that rise into the clear blue sky above. A great sight for the start of day one of school for 2010.

Monday, January 25, 2010

View from the Balcony 26/01/2010

On this great Australia Day the Balcony welcomes me with a warm breeze that appears to be coming from the Hinterland and is passing by on its way out to the sea. Looking out to the horizon there are a few small whitish puff clouds that look like they have been pounded like a pizza base, flattened out, and stretched then littered across the light opaque blue sky. The sun has appeared and in doing so quickly stamped its authority as being the centre of attention. As it has risen heavenward, the small clouds that were close by have disappeared from view having just melted into the background. The light grey sea has a gentle rippled look to it. Small waves are only forming and appearing just metres from the golden sands of the shoreline, upon which when meeting they quickly embrace, only to be lost from sight as they melt into one. With only small waveettes running along the rocky outcrop that it the edge of the Point the surfers have declared this area a 'non surf' zone this morning. Casting my eye along the Esplanade, that too is light on human movement save that already there are a number of cars occupying the parking spaces that skirt the roadway. The Hinterland is removing the last remnants of last nights covering of light mist and is proudly reaching into the clear blue sky thereby displaying all its majestic hills and valleys to the world. It just leaves me to say Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi,Oi,Oi!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

View from the Balcony 25/01/2010

A cool refreshing on shore breeze greets me as I step out onto the Balcony. The sky is full of clouds that are changing colour in front of me, much like a cycle of coloured party lights, as the sun sends out rays of warmth into all parts of the heavenly canopy. For the present the sun has just moved behind yet another cloud in the manner of a 'peek a boo' game that one may have with young babies. Now it appears again, casting a glimmering pathway of light on the waters surface that leads directly to me, like the red carpet treatment that one real estate company willingly offers. I feel so privileged to have this attention. The sea has a murky grey colour to it which should change over the next couple of hours as the sun heats up the day and in doing so dissolves the layers of cloud that surround its presence. Small waves only disturb the surface of the calm sea and begin to appear and break some ten metres from the shoreline, where they then race each other to be the first to scuttle up the golden sands of the beach and then to quickly disappear from sight. Some small pleasure boats have replaced the surfers at the Point due no doubt in part to the Today show conducting their broadcast from the grassy hillock that is the gateway to the small national park that sits on top of the hill that is the Point. The Esplanade likewise has only a bare skeleton of users enjoying its many attractions. This too will no doubt change as the day progresses.The Hinterland having thrown off it's nightly covering of mist stands proudly as a backdrop, with is multi shades of green hills and valleys openly presenting themselves to be admired by anyone caring to take a look. Yes, it is another top sight.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A comment on politics

This is a comment from young Judith D. Wilcox in relation to the following post from young Yak Mabor:

Comment from young Yak: Many people think that politics is a dirty game, if you think so and you don’t like being a part of something dirty, what do you do to keep yourself out of it? What do you tell those people whom you love that are part of the game? Is distancing yourself an effective tool to solving the problem? Thank you for your comment.

Reply from young Judith: When there is difference or conflict in approach or politics there is the opportunity to expand your thinking and to grow. What hooks most people when they get involved in politics is the drama of having to compete, win and be right. There is little growth in this. Creating a win/win and an opportunity to serve the highest transcends the polarities, uplifts and serves everyone, every community, every nation. The trick is to understand and act from this understanding.

Politics will always be with us. Having said that, here in Australia we as individuals have a real opportunity to bring about change within our system of government. The power of one is still alive!!

View from the Balcony 24/01/2010

Today, a stillness in the air greets my presence on the Balcony. The sun has now broken through the finishing line ribbon of elongated cloud that was waiting expectantly for that glorious moment, and now unfetted from all obstacles is about its own way in following yet again, its unseen but well travelled path of history. The change in the colour of the sky during the right of passage by the sun went through a Derwent range of blues with a touch of a wash of pink to an almost clear white. The sea has only a slight ripple to it and gives no indication that like yesterday that it is home to so many stingers that saw beaches being emptied along the coast, all save for Burleigh, which had too many swimmers enjoying the water for the Surf Patrols to effectively encourage them to abandon the enjoyment they were having. The golden sands of the beach reach into the sea as a helpful gesture to ease the final run of small late breaking waves as they fleetingly embrace before disappearing from sight. The Point only has three surfers enjoying the calm water that is lapping along the rocky outcrop that defines the boundary between sea and land. The Esplanade has just welcomed a noisy, testosterone filled group of bare chested male rugby ball throwing youths. All that was lacking was a pom pom waving high kicking cheer squad of young females to round off the sight. Walkers and joggers are few. The Hinterland has cast aside its night covering and stands proudly greeting the suns rays which, unimpeded, are showing the features of the range, in much the same way as a well oiled muscle builder stands on the competition stage saying look at me. Yes, another great day has arrived.

Friday, January 22, 2010

View from the Balcony 23/01/2010

The balmy calmness of last night has continued on and there is a stillness in the air that can almost be cut with a knife. As sugar coats the rim of many a fancy cocktail so we see a layer of cloud trying desperately to circumnavigate the entire 360 degree view, and to a great extent it has succeeded. The sky has gone through a change of royal blue to light blue that almost verges on being a watercolour wash. The sun has now ascended past the light resistance that the cloud briefly provided and is now freely enjoying being the centrepiece of the heavens as it radiates warmth to the entire surrounds. The sea once again has a glassy texture to it and waves are only revealing themselves some ten metres from the shoreline, before they break out as bubbles do from a shaken bottle of fizzy drink, and run up the golden sands of the beach before disappearing forever from view. The Point is quiet as it has again been abandoned by the surfing fraternity, however the fishing boats have arrived in number and are corralled within the area known as the Gravel Patch. The Esplanade has already been host to a number of walkers and joggers who have taken the advantage of getting in early before the warmth of the day provides an excuse not to be out and about. The Hinterland is looking fantastic, with its hills and valleys of multi green providing a great backdrop to the coastal scene. A top sight to what will be a great day!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

View from the Balcony 22/01/2010

The stillness of the air magnifies the sounds of the awakening birds as they begin to stir amongst the trees along the Esplanade. The sky has a cloudy cover that stretches like a doona from the feet to the neck, or as I gaze from the Balcony, from the Hinterland to almost the horizon. The blending colours in the sky that is open for viewing are changing from the dark blues to the light with shades of pink forming in bands across the scene from right to left. A hint of yellow was also present but only for a fleeting moment. I placed right first as that is where our attention is taken up as the sun commands our attention as it commences its daily trek across the heavens. It has now passed the first cloud bank and is currently negotiating its way through a rather large stringy cloud which is proving to be no obstacle of hindrance. Golden rays of light reflect across the calm sea like a path that leads directly to the sun. The sea is bare of waves save for their late appearance when like a tube of open spaghetti strands they roll towards the awaiting golden sands of the eager shoreline. Only to reach there and for a for a moment lie exhausted on the sand before disappearing from sight. The Point is surfer bare today. Even the Esplanade is host to minimum movement along its length as the consensus appears to have resulted in either a lay day or a late start for the active early morning crowd. The Hinterland is bold in presence and has only the barest of wispy remains of its overnight covering of mist hiding amongst the valleys and hills, playing an almost hide and seek game with the suns ever warm rays. A top day awaits!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

View from the Balcony 21/01/2010

The barest of feeling of being touched is how light the air movement is as I stand on the Balcony watching the sun in all its radiant glory ascend into the sky. A distant light haze was doing little to protect the small bank of solid light grey cloud that was sitting along the horizon from melting away, like marshmallows in hot chocolate, as the warmth of the suns rays made their impact. The calm light grey/blue of the sea was only revealing at the last moment that it was trying to reach out to the golden sands of the shoreline by sending out little waves that hurriedly scampered out of the light of exposure, only to disappear from view as quickly as they appeared. The clear light blue sky has only an occasional elongated white cloud marring what could have been a solid wash of colour. One solitary stand up surfboard rider is at the Point looking lost, as with no waves present, the site lies abandoned from the slapping of surfboards on the waters surface. The Esplanade likewise is light on human activity, with only three walkers enjoying the freshness that is the morning to stroll along the pathways. At the rear, the Hinterland again looks great as having discarded it's nightly covering of mist it stands exposed in all its finery of greens that show of the hills and valleys that make up this great structure, ready to face all that the day has to bring. A top sight!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

View from the Balcony 20/01/2010

The balcony plants stand statuesque like in the still air. The sky once again playing host to some light grey clouds that are gathered along the horizon like cows lined up waiting to be milked. The flat blue sea is sending ripples of underwater activity towards the awaiting shoreline. The sun has risen and having bypassed the cloud line is now beaming away merrily, disbursing warmth that can already be felt.The Point is once again playing host to a bunch of surfers who are bobbing up and down on their boards as they wait, ever expectant, for a wave to appear and take them back to the shore. The Esplanade has only light human contact with the occasional jogger strutting their stuff along the pathway that runs alongside the green grass that is home to so many visitors during the day. The golden sands of the beach are having their edges gently massaged by the lapping water that is the last act of dying waves. The Hinterland is open for business having shed its night covering. The subtle greens that make up the hills and valleys stand out for all to admire. What gets me every day is the colour change in the sky as the sun appears. It is so fantastic to witness.

Monday, January 18, 2010

View from the Balcony 19/01/2010

A light on shore breeze is bringing a freshness to the day. A proverbial bank of cloud is lazily resting on the horizon. Today the colour is a light grey which gives a nice boarder appearance to the clear light blue sky above. The light grey/blue sea is almost glass like in it's flatness with the appearance of waves being almost an afterthought as they break open only moments before reaching the golden sands of the shoreline, only to then disappear back out of sight after exposing themselves to all passing by. The sun has arrived right on time and has commenced its daily trek across the heavens. As it rises out of sight, being hidden by the cloud, a fan effect of bright red rays shoot into the sky to show its exact whereabouts in the scene set before me. As it rises, the cloud bank begins to soften as melting butter does in a heated pan. Tinges of red appear briefly on the clouds top edge only to be lost as the cloud dissolves leaving the sun beaming in full splendour, alone, unencumbered. A golden trail, much like the famous yellow brick road, leads directly across the seas surface to where I am standing inviting me to step out and appreciate the days new experience. The Point is bare of surfers as the sea is only providing a gentle swell along the rocky outcrop that borders the Point. The Esplanade, while quiet is echoing to the sound of chirping birds as they bounce around on the branches of the various trees. A small fitness class is coming together on the grass to the right of me. Turning around, my gaze is taken by the Hinterland which has broken free of its overnight covering of mist and is proudly displaying the full range of greens of its valleys and hills to all who would care to look. A great sight for a great day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

View from the Balcony 18/01/2010

A light warm onshore breeze is bringing a pleasant relief to what was a still night on the balcony. A bank of solid light grey cloud stretches across the width of the horizon, hovering above the spot where to the eye the sea and sky meet. Above that cloud mass is a heap of baby puff clouds that appear to be racing each other across the sky and were caught in a freeze frame moment. The light dull blue sea has a lightly corrugated iron look to it, with waves only breaking the surface some ten metres from the shoreline. The golden sands of the beach reach out to welcome each wave as it rolls over itself as it tries to embrace its new friend, only to fail and sulk quickly away from view. The Point has been abandoned by the surfers as only late breaking waves are running along side the rocky outcrop and crashing blindly into the large boulders that form the base that holds the whole show together. The Esplanade is also light in the way of pedestrian traffic, whilst a number of birds have been making early morning calls between the numerous trees that feature along the grassy strip. The Hinterland has removed its night covering and is proudly displaying its many hills and valleys and the various range of green hues that form part of it's stunning beauty, which is further enhanced by the clear blue sky above. A top sight for a top day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

View from the Balcony 16/01/2010

A calmness is in the air and the plants on the balcony are as good as any wax work creation as they stand mute in their pots and rockery area. The sky is covered in a multi grey cloud mass and the sun that has arrived dutifully on the scene has been required to commence its climb into the sky from behind this imposed barrier. Soft rays of light break through the clouds to reassure that the sun will not disappoint in the end. The almost calm grey sea is reflecting the cloud cover in the same way as a lizard can blend in with its surrounds. Waves only appear some metres from the shoreline and even then they disappoint as they have lost any intensity of racing up the sands of the golden beach. They just seem to die and disappear on the spot. Surfers have declared the Point a 'no go' zone while the fishing fleet has again returned for another shot at eating into the mullet run. The Esplanade is receiving some attention as a number of walkers and joggers make use of the great pathway network. A large group of multi lycra clad cyclists have just ridden past heading towards the National Park and coffee shops end of the strip. The Hinterland has all but cast aside it's nightly covering of mist, with only the occasional patch appearing above the valleys in a defiant stand against the arrival of the warmth of the day. A pleasant start to the day!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

View from the Balcony 15/01/2010

The leaves on the balcony greenery are swaying in a trance like motion similar to the whirling dervishes as the gentle breeze swirls past. Looking out at the horizon, once again large mid grey clouds stretch across the whole of the view, from left to right. These clouds are floating some metres above the sea line and give the appearance of being heavens protective barrier. The sun has already arrived on the scene and is currently climbing the out of sight backstage steps in order to make a grand entrance as it then rises above the cloud layer and into the already excited light blue sky. The dull blue sea has a soft textured appearance to it and the presence of waves are only visibly noticed when they reveal themselves only metres from the shoreline, as they then burst out of hiding and run up the golden beach sands only to sink back out of view as quickly as they appeared. The Point is home to only a couple of surfers as others have ventured closer to us in order to catch what waves there are. A small turn out for what is really a non event for them today. The Hinterland looks great in appearance as it has already cast aside it's nightly cover and is standing refreshed showing all the delicate shades of green of its hills and valleys to the world. A great sight to absorb.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

View from the Balcony - 14/01/2010

A welcoming light on shore breeze is being received, soft enough to be felt but not strong enough to give itself away through movement in the balcony greenery. The sun has now well and truly ascended the escalator of duty after having passed two medium light grey cloud banks that have positioned themselves above the horizon line. Spotlights of warmth appear on the water and a glimmer of a snail trail makes an occasional appearance. The light grey sea is just a couple of notches above calm and only the occasional undulation gives away the fact that small waves are hiding below the surface. Only exposing themselves as the the game draws to a close and they are only metres from their goal of reaching the welcoming sands of the golden beach without being sighted. The Point is bare of any surfers and the fishing boats have again appeared and taken up their place above the 'gravel patch' waiting for the mackerel to swim on by. The Esplanade is also quiet with only an intermittent Jogger giving the walkway a workout. The Hinterland, whilst having cast aside its covering of night, is still not revealing its true splendour as a covering of dark cloud sits above it with a presence much like a sumo wrestler body slamming a helpless victim for the count of three. A great day to enjoy has arrived.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

View from the Balcony - 13/01/2010

It was the screeching noise from the birds as they flew in almost plague like numbers towards the foreshore park that is the feature of Burleigh that got me to the balcony to see how the day was presenting itself. The air is still, no movement at all in the balcony fauna. Three ducks are swimming in the outdoor pool, blatantly breaking the Resort rules as no swimming is allowed before 7:00am. Two bands of grey cloud stretch out along the horizon line. I liken them to a male and female. the closest one to the water is female as the appearance is neat, well proportioned and looks good, whereas the other band of cloud is much larger and darker and very rough around the edges. Stereo type comment, maybe, but that is how their appearance struck me. The sun has now commenced to rise heavenward and as it passed behind the first bank of cloud that cloud started to dissolve and give way, however upon reaching the second band of cloud there was much greater resistance and the sun ended up continuing to ascend behind the cloud line. We males can be stubborn. The grey sea has a touch of a ripple to it as the undulating movement that is the tell tale sign of the presence of a wave heads towards the shoreline. The waves only reveal themselves openly some ten metres from the beach and then in a foamy white froth they then wash ever so quietly to the awaiting golden sands of the beach. A small number of surfers are at the Point waiting patiently for their ride of the morning. The fishing boats are again present, out past the Point, stationing themselves above the area known as the gravel patch, waiting for the mullet to appear. The Esplanade is quiet with only a sole trainer and her victim exercising on the grassy strip. The Hinterland is still covered by an almost sheer mist that while allowing the features of hills and valleys to be seen by all who would care to look, gives a softness to the view. A top day has arrived.

Monday, January 11, 2010

View from the Balcony - 12/01/2010

The sound of the waves hitting the shore seems to be amplified this morning, likewise the early morning chirping of the birds in the trees along the Esplanade. It must be due to the heavy stillness in the air that can almost be felt. Along the horizon our bank of grey clouds has again returned to take up their stand of trying to minimise the viewing of the suns arrival. And partial success has to be acknowledged, however the sun has again ascended above their arena of victory, so hollow it was in the end. The greyish blue sea is restlessly sending line after line of faltering waves towards their destiny of reaching the golden sands of their Nirvana. Some ten metres from their destination the waves rise, fall over and slowly wash spent into the awaiting shore, to disappear forever into the sands of time (heard that before somewhere). A huddle of surfers are jostling for position to catch any small wave that strays and breaks early. So far they do not appear to be having a great deal of success. The Esplanade on the other hand is the recipient of a hive of Council Worker activity. That, and a number of dedicated joggers are making the view interesting. Behind me, the Hinterland has cast off its overnight covering and is proudly displaying to all who care to look its fine array of hills and valleys of hues of green. It is a great backdrop to the flat plain below. A great day awaits!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

View from the Balcony - 11/01/2010

An ever so slight breeze is a welcomed relief from the stillness that was in the air. It is so slight that you can barely tell that the leaves on the balcony plants have stirred. A line of small clouds is stretched out, sitting just above the horizon line, and they have a wash of pink surrounds to them that is the tell tale give away that the sun cannot be far from coming into view. Above the clouds the pale blue of the sky gradually moves out to become a slightly deeper blue, the further away you look from the sun. The mid range blueish sea is bordering on calm as slight undulations give away the hiding places of the below surface waves that are constantly marching towards their destiny of fleetingly exposing themselves as they run up the golden sands of the ever waiting shoreline, only to sink back out of sight never to be seen again. The fleet of small fishing boats have again appeared and have positioned themselves above what is known as the 'gravel patch' with the hope of catching some mackerel that appear to be passing by. Around a dozen surfers are at the Point with their boards all pointing in the suns direction wait ever so patiently for a wave to break and have them hurriedly do a one hundred and eighty degree turnabout and have a memorable ride alongside the rocky outcrop that is the feature of where they are stationed. The Esplanade is bare of human movement, relying on the small packs of birds that flit from tree to tree to bring some movement and action. At the rear, the Hinterland is still discarding its overnight covering of light mist and beginning to expose its lush green colourings that highlight the presence of the hills and valleys. A pleasant sight all round.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 10/01/2010

A wisp of an on shore movement of air is doing nothing to remove the penetrating warmth of the suns rays as they bombard the balcony in full force. A motley line of light grey and darker grey puff clouds as stretched out along the horizon line like a disorganised line of chorus dancers. The sun has risen well past that attempted barrier of hindrance and is now the focal point of the whole scene as it sits alone in the midst of the clear surrounds of a light blue sky like a sole diner in a large restaurant. The lightish blue sea is sending a constant barrage of undulating waves of movement towards the golden sands of the eagerly awaiting shore line. Some ten meters from their final resting spot, the waves break out from hiding and with much froth and foam they make a final assault on their objective, only to end up slowly fading from view as they lie spent on the ever welcoming sands of the beach. A handful of surfers are enjoying the freedom of space as they line up to ride the medium sized small width waves back into shore. Likewise the Esplanade has only a handful of joggers pounding the pathway that runs alongside the grassy strip which is now a lovely shade of mid dark green, following the welcoming past two nights of rain. At the rear, the Hinterland stands out like the great wall of China does when viewed from the moon. Its hills and valleys of multi greens give a softness to the skyline as the peaks reach up trying to touch more of the light grey puff clouds that are hovering above and apparently going nowhere for the moment. A pleasant sight to start the day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

View from the Balcony - 09/01/2010

A pleasantly light on shore breeze is gently caressing the balcony plants and bringing movement of fresh air into the unit. A large car park full of grey clouds are crowding along the horizon line and are acting as a buffer between the sea and the relatively cloud free light blue sky above. The sun has already climbed three quarters of the way past them in its quest to again be the centrepiece of the day, bringing light and warmth to all and sundry. The dull blue sea is stealthily sending undulating ripples towards the shoreline which only reveal themselves as small waves moments before they launch themselves onto the golden sands of the awaiting beach, only to have their attention ignored whereby they then quickly sulk away from view. There are less than five surfers at the Point and they appear to be enjoying the exclusivity of having the odd breaking wave all to themselves to have their way with. The Esplanade has minimum exercisers enjoying its facilities, however a quartet of youngish women have just walked past deep in loud post mortem of the nights escapade in the club precinct that is a feature of after dark Surfers. From the noise they were making they appeared to have had an enjoyable time, with raucous laughter ascending as various male names were mentioned. It is amazing how the strip below can amplify the sound of the human voice depending on other noises that are taking place at the same time. The Hinterland looks refreshed following last nights rain and has already discarded its cover of nightly mist to stand proudly as a backdrop to the coastal plane that is the home of the biggest shopping centre in the South East of Queensland (a miniature Victorian Chadstone shopping centre if ever there was one). A great day is before us!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 08/01/2010

An occasional small red flower lies on the balcony tiles and a pleasant on shore breeze is bringing a freshness in the air following last nights strong wind and patchy rain. The sky has a multi coloured grey cloud covering, that like yesterday is shielding the sun from direct eye contact, in much the same way as Polaroid glasses filter out the glare of the day. The dull blue sea has a slightly rough texture to it much like a poorly rendered brick wall with waves breaking only meters before they reach their destination and clamber up the golden sands of the shoreline and disappear forever out of sight. There are around twenty surfers gathered at the point in a formation that any grand prix car racing enthusiast would be proud of moments before the starters flag slices the air to announce, race on. The Esplanade is alive with the sound of exercise as joggers and walkers pass one another up and down the pathway that separates the grassy strip and the bush scrub that sits between the road and the bank of sand dunes that meld into the beach. Speeding small groups of brightly coloured lycra are spaced out along the roadway. The Hinterland has cast off its overnight covering of mist and is proudly displaying all its hills and valleys in the same way as a body builder strikes a competition pose. The armada of small boats have again appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and have taken up position mid way between the Point and the horizon. My thought is that perhaps a fishing contest is underway. Enough for now, the day is here.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

View from the Balcony (Late Edition)- 07/01/2010

There is a dampness in the slight zephyr of an onshore breeze, most likely as an aftermath of the overnight rain that we received. The sky is filled with a patchwork of grey clouds of differing strengths of tone and shape set out in the old Sarah Lee pattern of 'layer upon layer upon layer'. The risen sun cannot be seen directly as it is caught like the main actor in a stage production behind the heavy front house curtain that will not open to allow them to be seen by the expectant audience. The light grey coloured sea is verging on the cusp of being calm as only late breaking waves give hint to the powerful force that is contained within the might of sea. Those waves are bringing delight to a number of surfers who today have left the fold of the Point and like straying cattle are meandering their way along the length of the shoreline. This is also a first, an armada of small fishing vessels have left the safety of the nearby river complex and are spreading out in a line formation as they gather mid way to the distant line of the horizon. I have not seen this before. The Esplanade is witness to a number of walkers, joggers and the occasional bike rider. Turning around and looking through the unit the Hinterland has discarded its cover of overnight mist and is standing proud revealing the hills and valleys in their derwent shades of green, all save for a couple of valleys where patches of mist appear to be still hiding from the warmth of the day. A relaxing feeling is present.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

View from the Balcony - 06/01/2010

The stillness in the air appears to be amplifying the calling of the awakening birds that rest overnight in the trees along the Esplanade. A heavy wash of compact grey rain clouds sit along the horizon line, with lighter clouds sitting above like babies bouncing on parents knees. The sun whilst hidden from direct view is indicating its presence by shooting beams of light that appear most strongest where the cloud cover is the weakest. The sea is relatively flat with waves only breaking some ten meters before they reach their journeys end in the welcoming arms of the golden sands of the shoreline. At the Point the waves are constantly breaking in line with the tip of the rocky outcrop and this is giving certainty to the handful of surfers who are enjoying their early morning rides. The Esplanade has only a smattering of human traffic and looks rather barren with so few takers making use of all that it has to offer. Mind you, give it a few hours and the the view would tell a different story. At the rear, the Hinterland has already cast off its nightly cover of mist and is proudly showing off all the features of its hills and valley to anyone that would care to look. Since commencing this post a light on shore breeze has arrived and in turn the grey clouds have united to totally block out any indication as to the exact location of the risen sun that they are shielding us from viewing. A soft relaxing sight.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mewsing from the Moggie - Old Post

Hi All,

And I mean HIGH as I am now well entrenched in the joys of residing in the Resort Complex at Burleigh Heads.

And I mean IN the Complex, as in a Unit, rather than moving from the Gazebo to the poolside chairs and back again.

Yes, life has certainly changed dramatically for this four legged furball. As you know, it all came about as a result of the recent Body Corporate meeting and I have been lapping up the attention ever since.

I know that I am only a guest where I am staying but from what I have been overhearing it looks likely that I may have a new 'owner' within the next few months, so that is something that I have to look forward to as well.

I did place a post on FaceBook the other day along the lines of 'no matter if the bars are steel or gold, a cage is still a cage'. That was not done in disrespect of how I have been looked after over the past week, but is was posted to let others know that although I am enjoying the Apartment lifestyle, I have lost the freedom of running along the path outside the indoor pool, of rolling over and over on my back on the lawns, of chasing butterflies in the garden beds *hmmm, should not have mentioned that one*.

My 'freedom' has come at a price.

Other than that, all has been great, I have received many visitors and below is a picture of me with Dylan, a young friend from FaceBook postings that his father lodges. I received a lot of hugs, belly rubs and ear tickling from Dylan. Thanks for that Dylan.

Kaleb, a grandson of my assistant, has also been visiting me during the week. Kaleb, your attention to my welfare was great. I loved how you gave me great cuddles. I will miss you young friend, as you head back to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.

And what about the residents of this fine Resort Complex. They have been great. I have had many enquiries asking about my welfare and my assistant has been so chuffed that people care so much about one lonely, abandoned, stray cat.

Thank you to all.

Thats it for this week.

Love GTF.

View from the Balcony 05/01/2010

An intermittent light cool breeze is coming off the sea bringing with it relief from a fan fed night. The sky is alive with a numerous variety of cloud shapes vying for notice and recognition. The sun has commenced its daily climb into the heavens but its progress can only be guessed at as it is being shielded from view by a heavy wall of solid grey cloud. As I write it is now indicating that it is just about to mount the top of that wall which in itself is now crumbling at its base and changing to a lighter grey as it mellows in strength of colour. The horizon line is now sharply defined save for directly below the suns presence. The sea has a look of an aged corrugated iron shed roof as rolling waves march in a straight line towards the outstretched golden arms of the eagerly awaiting shore line. So eager are the two to meet that the waves openly break open foaming at the mouth as they collapse in a heap on reaching their destination. The Point is alive with surfers who have ventured out past the end of the protruding rocky feature and are joyously displaying their skills as they carve their way back to the shore on batches of waves that are to their liking. The Esplanade has both jogger and bike rider making use of it this morning. The Hinterland is only now allowing the warm penetrating rays of the sun to dissolve the overnight cover of mist and is slowly revealing itself to the day in the same manner as a snail extends itself from its shell after having been disturbed. There is a calmness all around.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

View from the Balcony 04/01/2010

A mild on shore breeze has the leaves on the balcony plants flapping in all directions. A painters canvas sky is chock full of grey clouds of various hues and sizes and the risen sun is only able to briefly make an appearance as the clouds jostle one another out of the way. The sea has a dull green look to it as though it is still recovering from a bad night elsewhere. The undulating waves are only breaking metres from the shoreline and then follow each other as they stagger up the awaiting sands of the builders sand colour of the beach to then disappear from view without so much as a whimper. The number of surfers at the Point has grown to the stage where a supervisor is almost needed to ensure that decorum is maintained within their ranks. So far all is good. The Esplanade on the other hand has had one lone jogger and an apparently tipsy seagull make use of its wonderful facilities. There are car parking spaces aplenty and this speaks well for a quieter day for the grassy strip. The Hinterland has an opaque cover of night mist that is still yet to be thrown back and discarded, allowing the hills and valleys of the mountain range to then fully display their powerful presence to all. An interesting sight.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

View from the Balcony 03/01/2010

A refreshing light breeze coming from the Hinterland is bringing welcomed relief to what had previously been the equivalent of a swamp of stale water as far as movement goes. The radiant white sun has already climbed past a layer of whitish grey clouds that were stationing themselves as an unauthorised barrier above the horizon, and into the blue clearing that has opened up before it. As the centrepiece of attention it is doing all that it can to do justice to its arrival The light dull blue sea on the other hand is just sending small ripples of barely defined waves in a constant endeavour towards the welcoming shoreline. Some ten meters short of their finishing line they make a last desperate run at the golden sands only to be absorbed unnoticed by the ever thirsty beach. The Point is bare of any surfers and the Esplanade has only the occasional early morning stroller admiring all that it has to offer. The car parking spaces are already three quarters full and this indicates that the bbq's and picnic spaces will be well utilised during the day. The Hinterland is throwing back its night cover of mist but patches of cloud are hindering it from showing to all and sundry just how spectacular a range of hills and valleys it contains for everyone to admire. A restful sight.

Friday, January 1, 2010

View from the Balcony 02/01/2010

The intermittent chirping of birds can be heard above the constant sound of the sea as it forever growls in the background. The warm air is still and this will encourage us to turn on the lounge ceiling fan by mid morning should a breeze not arrive in the interim. The sky is alive with a mass of grey stretches of cloud which are only broken by the occasional gap that allows the brightness of the already risen sun to glow through as though it was behind a window of which I am on the other side. Along the horizon the line of separation between sea and sky is quite defined and the sea is quite mild in strength as the waves only announce their presence as they break some fifty meters from the shoreline, and then in a mass of frothy white foam they then glide up to the ever welcoming golden sands of the shoreline, only to disappear from sight leaving a brief waterline in the sand as a calling card. A handful of surfers are at the Point and I am yet to catch a glimpse of one actually riding a wave as they appear to be more intent in chatting to one another. The Esplanade has only light pedestrian traffic at present but this will change over the next hour as the car parking spaces quickly fill up with holiday makers booking advantage spots to use the facilities that await them along the grassy strip. The Hinterland is still partially masked by a light mist but this is quickly dissolving as fairy floss does in the mouth, revealing defining shades of deep greens along the hills and valleys that define the mountain range. A great day awaits.