Friday, January 15, 2010

View from the Balcony 16/01/2010

A calmness is in the air and the plants on the balcony are as good as any wax work creation as they stand mute in their pots and rockery area. The sky is covered in a multi grey cloud mass and the sun that has arrived dutifully on the scene has been required to commence its climb into the sky from behind this imposed barrier. Soft rays of light break through the clouds to reassure that the sun will not disappoint in the end. The almost calm grey sea is reflecting the cloud cover in the same way as a lizard can blend in with its surrounds. Waves only appear some metres from the shoreline and even then they disappoint as they have lost any intensity of racing up the sands of the golden beach. They just seem to die and disappear on the spot. Surfers have declared the Point a 'no go' zone while the fishing fleet has again returned for another shot at eating into the mullet run. The Esplanade is receiving some attention as a number of walkers and joggers make use of the great pathway network. A large group of multi lycra clad cyclists have just ridden past heading towards the National Park and coffee shops end of the strip. The Hinterland has all but cast aside it's nightly covering of mist, with only the occasional patch appearing above the valleys in a defiant stand against the arrival of the warmth of the day. A pleasant start to the day!!

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