Saturday, January 23, 2010

A comment on politics

This is a comment from young Judith D. Wilcox in relation to the following post from young Yak Mabor:

Comment from young Yak: Many people think that politics is a dirty game, if you think so and you don’t like being a part of something dirty, what do you do to keep yourself out of it? What do you tell those people whom you love that are part of the game? Is distancing yourself an effective tool to solving the problem? Thank you for your comment.

Reply from young Judith: When there is difference or conflict in approach or politics there is the opportunity to expand your thinking and to grow. What hooks most people when they get involved in politics is the drama of having to compete, win and be right. There is little growth in this. Creating a win/win and an opportunity to serve the highest transcends the polarities, uplifts and serves everyone, every community, every nation. The trick is to understand and act from this understanding.

Politics will always be with us. Having said that, here in Australia we as individuals have a real opportunity to bring about change within our system of government. The power of one is still alive!!

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