Saturday, January 23, 2010

View from the Balcony 24/01/2010

Today, a stillness in the air greets my presence on the Balcony. The sun has now broken through the finishing line ribbon of elongated cloud that was waiting expectantly for that glorious moment, and now unfetted from all obstacles is about its own way in following yet again, its unseen but well travelled path of history. The change in the colour of the sky during the right of passage by the sun went through a Derwent range of blues with a touch of a wash of pink to an almost clear white. The sea has only a slight ripple to it and gives no indication that like yesterday that it is home to so many stingers that saw beaches being emptied along the coast, all save for Burleigh, which had too many swimmers enjoying the water for the Surf Patrols to effectively encourage them to abandon the enjoyment they were having. The golden sands of the beach reach into the sea as a helpful gesture to ease the final run of small late breaking waves as they fleetingly embrace before disappearing from sight. The Point only has three surfers enjoying the calm water that is lapping along the rocky outcrop that defines the boundary between sea and land. The Esplanade has just welcomed a noisy, testosterone filled group of bare chested male rugby ball throwing youths. All that was lacking was a pom pom waving high kicking cheer squad of young females to round off the sight. Walkers and joggers are few. The Hinterland has cast aside its night covering and stands proudly greeting the suns rays which, unimpeded, are showing the features of the range, in much the same way as a well oiled muscle builder stands on the competition stage saying look at me. Yes, another great day has arrived.

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