Tuesday, January 5, 2010

View from the Balcony - 06/01/2010

The stillness in the air appears to be amplifying the calling of the awakening birds that rest overnight in the trees along the Esplanade. A heavy wash of compact grey rain clouds sit along the horizon line, with lighter clouds sitting above like babies bouncing on parents knees. The sun whilst hidden from direct view is indicating its presence by shooting beams of light that appear most strongest where the cloud cover is the weakest. The sea is relatively flat with waves only breaking some ten meters before they reach their journeys end in the welcoming arms of the golden sands of the shoreline. At the Point the waves are constantly breaking in line with the tip of the rocky outcrop and this is giving certainty to the handful of surfers who are enjoying their early morning rides. The Esplanade has only a smattering of human traffic and looks rather barren with so few takers making use of all that it has to offer. Mind you, give it a few hours and the the view would tell a different story. At the rear, the Hinterland has already cast off its nightly cover of mist and is proudly showing off all the features of its hills and valley to anyone that would care to look. Since commencing this post a light on shore breeze has arrived and in turn the grey clouds have united to totally block out any indication as to the exact location of the risen sun that they are shielding us from viewing. A soft relaxing sight.

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