Sunday, January 31, 2010

View from the safety of the Lounge 01/02/2010

Well, having regained a touch of composure after my dismal attempt to do a live report from the Balcony, I have made the decision to pass comment from the safety and warmth of the inside of the unit. First up is the state of the Balcony. The chairs that I stacked up last night remain safe, however the two large lounge chairs have collided around the side part of the Balcony that overlooks the Hinterland and back of Burleigh. In doing so, they also bumper nudged a small outdoor coffee table thereby knocking over the two plant posts that were up until then sitting restfully on the table top. On falling over, the pebbles that had been placed around the plants as a feature effect were now strewn over the Balcony floor, creating a hazard to the unaware. This is definitely a 'Danger Zone' for the time being. On gazing past the Balcony the sky is full of masses of grey clouds, all jockeying for position of importance. The sea is a dull green in colour and is pounding the shore line with foamy white tops. Only the most hardy of walker has braved the Esplanade and in one direction they are being blown along whilst on their return journey they are walking at almost a 45 degree angle into the howling wind gusts. No surfers are at the Point and this speaks well for some intelligence being displayed, as the waves are rough and nasty. Turning around and looking out the back, the Hinterland gives the appearance that it is still hiding under last nights veil of mist and is refusing to acknowledge that the day has arrived. The usual greens of the hills and valleys are out of sight, hidden. All around, it is a wild sight. Great to be part of it!!

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