Friday, February 26, 2010

Morning at Lake Mulwala 27/02/2010

Mother Natures alarm clock went off at around 5:30, the peals of thunder echoing around the Resort. This was followed by the gentle sound of drops of rain which while not quite washing the cars completely clean certainly left interesting patterns on the duco for the owners to admire.

For those who managed to resist making any move to see what the day was bringing, at around 6:50, the local flying fraternity decided that it was time to take off in relays and fly either alongside the shoreline of the lake, or to go in a zig zag pattern across the grey coloured water, at all times staying in touch with each of the other groups with constant squawking being relayed backwards and forwards. Yes, there is nothing like the sound of galah's having fun to leave a ringing in ones ears.

Walking down across the lawn to stand at the lake edge, the warm breeze was quickly removing all signs of the earlier rain from sight. In the far distance, past the picket fence line of dead trees that stand like a gathering of scarecrows in the water, sheets of rain can be seen falling, refreshing the ever hungry soil, with doses of nourishment.

A heavy bank of cloud sits just above the horizon line and this is slowly breaking up as the hidden sun commences to rise from its overnight rest. Beams of light commence to shine through patches in the cloud as it separates to form smaller, less powerful obstructions in the sky.

The choppy water in the lake is having a sea saw effect on the Resort's Barbie Boat, as it rocks from side to side at angles that would deter even the most hardy crowd to have second thoughts of enjoying breakfast on the water today.

Nevertheless, this was not strong enough to deter several speed boats from racing across the lake, leaving trailers of foam to indicate where they came from. Must be holiday makers!!

Saturday morning has arrived.

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