Tuesday, February 9, 2010

View from the Balcony 10/02/2010

It was a light and lazy breeze that greeted me on opening wide the Balcony doors and stepping out into the freshness of a new day. Like yesterday, the breeze was passing by on the way from the Hinterland to its eventual destination out over the sea somewhere. The sea is a lot calmer and the lightness of the sky compared to the past few days is like chalk and cheese. That does not mean that clouds are absent, no sir, they are present but less in number and far better behaved. Along the horizon line we still have them queuing up as though standing in line for Cliff Richard's concert tickets (translated that means that yes there is a line but well behaved, orderly with plenty of spaces between each party in the line). The sun has arrived, and being the main act that it is, it has quickly established itself as the centrepiece of attention and has all but past through the ritual cloud shield and is ready to shine in all its golden glory for all to admire. Directly below, the sea is sending undulating blue ripples towards the ever awaiting outstretched arms of the golden sands of the foreshore. The waves break some ten metres short of their embracing, and then, as if mustering up their last piece of strength, with a roar of anticipated enjoyment they then rush up the beach, only to collapse and dissolve before the very sight that was their destiny. All over, red rover! Turning my head inland I am greeted by a checker board display of multi colours and toning of roof tops and greenery of trees. As a backdrop to all of this, the Hinterland stands as a protective barrier, with its fine cover of greenery ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that all is well and remains that way. A great sight.

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