Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lake Edge Resort - Exchange Day

An eeriness has descended upon Lake Edge Resort. The toys have ben taken out of the Lake. The cars have been packed. Group hugs have taken place. Final photos taken. Goodbyes have been said with a 'See you again next year' ringing out as the wagon train of vehicles and their water sport attachments depart after yet another fantastic week spent on the banks of Lake Mulwala.

Now the mini army of cleaners descend like locusts on a time schedule. There is an approximate six hour window from the departure time of 10am and the official book in time of 4pm. During this time the Units are cleaned with fresh linen and supplies being set up. The lawns are given their weekly haircut with the ride on lawn mower, and the indoor and outdoor pools are chemically recharged and surrounds washed and hosed down.

During this time, those who are continuing on for another week are encouraged to enjoy the next door facilities of the Water Ski Club, take a tour or travel into Yarrawonga to restock their food supplies, thereby leaving the grounds free for the aforementioned locusts to roam about the property unhindered as they with great precision attend to the tasks allotted to each of them.

That is the ideal scenario. In reality, the farewells are rowdier and exceed well past the evacuation time. Remaining occupants have motor vehicles sitting like pieces on a board of a three quarter finished game of chequers. With the 'on goers' gathering in little huddles that ebb and flow as parties realise that they have things to do, and scuttle away to get them done as quickly as possible.

From past experiences, once 2pm ticks over the firs of the new arrivals start to pull up with the occupants spilling out of the vehicles and heading in all directions, leaving Mum or Dad to make the official office trek to obtain the keys to their allotted unit that is theirs for the next seven days.

From the noise of the new arrivals there rebounds an even louder refrain from numerous 'on goers' as old acquaintances are quickly rekindled into flaming reunions with many a laugh as a quick snippet or two of events that have transpired during the intervening time are shared.

Yes, it is now that Lake Edge starts to come alive again, ready and excited about being host for another great week of fun and frolicking by the new crowd of 'happy campers' .... While a new page in the history of this great Resort commences to be written.

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