Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Herald Sun - Your Pets (page 106 & 107

The following is an email that was sent to the newspaper this morning. I sent it on behalf of all owners and pets that are involved with the PAT YOUR PET DAY site.

I will let you know if I receive a reply.

I am sending this note on behalf of the group, PAT YOUR PET DAY.

We are a FaceBook group that was set up by two animals (a dog Jawj and a cat named Graeme Freeloader [GTF for short]).

The site is designed to encourage both owners and pets to relate better to each other.

The following is a note that GTF sent out to all members today:

TODAY IS THE DAY - The idea of the PAT YOUR PET DAY is to especially remind both pets and owners not to withhold demonstrating the bond that they have with each other. Just as humans can forget to remind their partners and friends just how much they love each one of them, so it can happen with pets. Please place photos and stories on the PAT YOUR PET DAY site.

The following is a post that GTF sent out on his own site:

DID YOU SEE IT!! - My minder has just shown me pages 106 & 107 of the Herald Sun Sunday newspaper. It is all about YOUR PETS and features some nice photos of cats and dogs. you can send photos to the paper at the following address, so why not be bold and give it a go:

You may like to consider having a reference on future editions of Your Pets to sites on FaceBook and other mediums that aim to promote better relationships with owners and their pets.


Graeme Freeloader
Via his minder
0427 523 119

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  1. Wow! I cant wait to have a look now! Thats great news my friend, congratulations on going 'big time' with Pat Your Pet Day. A big well done to you <3