Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Morning at Lake Mulwala 18/02/2010

Armed with my trusty Valentine's Day cup filled with hot tea, I made my way back to the lakes edge and reclaimed 'my' chair, well for the time being at least. Camera in hand I began my wait for the sun to arrive. Well, time just drifted past and I sat admiring the beautiful colours of the ever changing sky.The reds, yellows and blues were just fantastic. Mother Nature was at her best. The lake has just a slight ripple to it and this made it harder to judge where the next lot of jumping fish would launch themselves out of the water to the sound of the 'plop,' 'plop' that they make on reentering the water, leaving an ever expanding tell tale circle of trust. The inland seagulls are about in plenty as today is 'Breakfast at the lake edge' and there are always scraps of toast and bacon being tossed to the ever growing crowd of birds that flock to this weekly event. Two planes passed by in the distance with the only give away sign of their presence being their white vapour trail that stood out from the blue surrounds. If you look carefully at one of the photos you will be able to just make them out. Now the sun appears, peeking over the distant hill and leaving a shimmering pathway of light on the waters surface. A great sight to what will be a great day. Now to keep 'my' chair mine....

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