Monday, February 8, 2010

View from the Balcony 09/02/2010

Upon stepping out onto the Balcony, I was not sure what to expect in the way of weather conditions as it had been quite windy during the night. The first thing I noticed, apart from the light breeze coming from inland and heading off overseas, was the number of green leaves lying on the balcony that belonged to plants foreign to the ones that I am playing host to. I must admit that I then spent a little time watching them fly out of my hands as I stood against the railing and let them go one at a time, watching as they got caught up in the breeze and set off for a spiral landing in the resort gardens some eight floors below, much like watching the trail of a paper plane once it has been thrown. Enough of diversions, back to the view before me. Resting on the horizon line were members of the grey cloud fraternity and like a daisy chain they were interlocked and strung out from left to right, or vice versa, depending on where one first gazed. Above them patches of clear blue sky could be seen, especially around the area of where the sun should be breaking through at any time within the next thirty minutes. The grey sea is again sending pounding waves towards the shoreline, but unlike yesterday, these waves are more gentle in endeavour and the golden sand of the ever welcoming shoreline is eagerly receiving each one as they arrive, run up the beach, stop for a split second, and then like a puff of smoke disappear completely from view, leaving the sand looking quite bewildered. At the Point , the bobbing of heads in the water was a clear give away that the surfing fraternity was back again. I noticed that not one of them was actually riding a wave. Perhaps it is pre wave meditation time, who knows! Along the Esplanade, a few walkers and joggers are out and about making great use of the facilities that are a feature of this strip of coastal greenery and pathways. At the rear, the ever majestic Hinterland has thrown away and discarded the night cover, and was preening itself, all in readiness to have its green hills and valleys admired by sightseers and those willing to 'take five' from whatever they were currently in the middle of doing. Another great day is upon us. Enjoy!!

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