Saturday, February 6, 2010

View from the Balcony 07/02/2010

Well, what a change twenty four hours can make. As I stand out on the Balcony I can feel the light breeze and the drizzle that it is pushing along from the Hinterland direction out to the sea, at a pace that would indicate that if it was a driver, then it was being tailed by at least four highway patrol cars. The word leisurely comes to mind, but this is still to fast. A pencil thin line is all that gives away the boundary line between the dull grey sky and even duller grey sea. In relation to the sky, the contract painter from yesterday has returned and not only filled in the patches, but applied another wash as penance for the previously slack paint job. His pocket has now been satisfied. There is no direct visible sighting of the sun and a pointing of the finger is the only guide for any visitor to show where it should feature. The waves are breaking some fifty metres from the shore and then charging in as though racing towards a finishing line that was in sight. On reaching the ever golden sands of the shoreline they collapse on top of one another like a stack of cards, before they then disappear as though swept up in a croupiers grasp. The Point is a surfer clear zone, and the Esplanade has only been witness to one bedraggled and fully soaked fitness class whose instructor has insisted that a jog was a pre requirement for todays group activity. Lucky class! Turning around to face the Hinterland I was confronted with a curtain of mist, that like a stage curtain, hides the actors from the audience before the opening scene. A wasted look. If nothing else, the rain has given the scene a good washing down and a freshness prevails. Bring on the rest of the day!!

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