Wednesday, February 10, 2010

View from the Balcony 11/02/2010

The raucous chirping of the birds in the trees along the Esplanade as they awoke from their overnight dreams of worms, fish and other delectable delights, grew in intensity as I slid back the heavy glass Balcony doors. Quick, someone turn down the volume switch, and I mean now! Ahh that is betted, for as if on cue the birds lowered the noise bringing instant relief. It was a case of too much of a good thing. Looking out over the distant horizon, small individual puff clouds are scattered across the horizon line much like confetti that has been cast into a breeze has scattered on landing. Above them, the sky is a clear blue that subtly changes in intensity of colour, the further away from the suns presence one looks. Yes, the sun. Well, it has arrived just as the weather man said that it would, and it has now passed behind a rather heavy looking lumpish grey cloud that would definitely not make the top ten list in a cloud beauty contest. As the sun ascended, a great victory sign appeared in the sky and I hope that I caught it on camera, as I tend to miss these things as I ofter just stand in awe as mother nature puts on another magnificent daily production for all to witness that can, as their life's circumstances permit, enjoy and admire. The sea is a soft dull blue and the waves that it is sending to their final resting do not break until they are around fifty metres from the shoreline. It is then, with foam surging, that they put on their display of mock fierceness (reminds one of the New Zealand sporting ritual) and then charge into the outstretched arms of the golden sands, to only pause with a brief gaze of surprise, before disappearing from sight like their predecessor, and the one before that, and the one get my drift. At the Point there is more drifting, as a handful of surfers are straddling their boards, chatting away, while keeping an eye out for the wave that will be their talking point for the day. Along the Esplanade, a number of walkers and joggers are exercising their rights to occupy the pathways and lawn areas that make up this beautiful stretch of coast. Several surf boards have ridden by clutched in the arms of eager males, each heading, as if being drawn by a magnet, in the direction of the Point. Turning around I see that a young magpie has joined me, and we both look in the direction of the Hinterland. Yes, there it stands with its magnificent features of green hills and valleys, fully exposed for all who would care to look, to admire and appreciate. A great welcoming for a great new day!!

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