Friday, February 5, 2010

View from the Balcony 06/02/2010

Like a silk scarf being brushed across ones face was the touch of breeze that welcomed me upon flinging wide open the Balcony doors. Well, not quite so true, as the doors are on a steel track and slide open, but you no doubt picked up the enthusiasm in which I did open them. One in fact was so excited that it bounced half way back on rebound from hitting the rubber stopper that indicated the end of the line. The sky is a solid whitewash of greys, that if presented as a finished work by a contract painter, would be called back to tidy up the several gaps before payment reached his pocket. It looks nice but sloppy, again you know what I mean. A heavy mist is draped along the horizon line and this waters down the contrast between sea and sky into one bland grey pea soup look. The undulating waves are rolling in and breaking some short distance before the Point and this is a welcomed experience for the weekend crowd of surfers who are foaming up the water with their flailing extremities as they jostle one another for prime positions in that all to small an area of sea. Meanwhile, the waves continue to roll past and break once again several metres before the end of their line. It is low tide and the golden sands of the beach have had to wade out some distance in order to greet and comfort the last final moments of these waves as they run with whatever energy they can muster and collapse and dissolve in the loving welcoming arms of the shore. At the rear, the Hinterland is fully awake, having thrown back the overnight covering of mist, given itself a good shake and loosened up the Forrest of trees that form the green canopy of covering of the hills and valleys. The start of a great day is upon us.

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