Thursday, February 4, 2010

View from the Balcony 05/02/2010

Like a body slam the cool crisp air hit me as I opened the glass sliding doors that lead onto the Balcony. Now being hit by the cool air is one thing, but for there to be no breeze is another. Interesting. Quickly casting my sight above the line of large light grey puff clouds sitting suspended above the horizon line, I was taken by the heavenly blues that moved in colour from a light iridescent through to an almost rich royal. A painters canvas if ever there was one. To the right, the sun was announcing its imminent presence by sending a yellow glow before it to herald its approach. As the sun then commenced its upward journey the surrounding blues of the sky began to fade in strength and richness, deferring to the brilliance of the suns rays. The sea has a false calmness to it, as occasionally waves appear out of nowhere, wait to be noticed, then dissolve back into the expanse from where they came from, only to reappear some fifty metres from the shoreline. At this point they then rise up fully extending themselves, before the weight of water behind them topples them over like a tower of cards falls when one makes a slip in the positioning of the placement of the next card. On reaching the golden sands of the beach, the waves rush up to embrace their journeys end, linger for a moment, then disappear leaving a touch of foam on the sand as remembrance of the all to brief encounter. At the Point, several surfers have paddled out past the boundary of rocks that define the Points edge, and sit anxiously waiting for their free ride back to the safety of the shore. A wait that is getting longer by the minute as the waves are not playing ball today. Along the Esplanade both joggers and walkers are enjoying the freshness of the morning as they squish and squelch their designer label footwear along the pathways provided for their enjoyment. At the rear, the Hinterland sits boldly displaying the variety of greens of its hills and valleys as it mutely displays its powerful presence. Today, however a bank of clouds have decided to place themselves on top of the mountain range, much like a hat protects the head. The line, 'You can leave your hat on' comes to mind. An unusual sight. Bring on the day!!!

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