Sunday, February 7, 2010

View from the Balcony 08/02/2010

On opening the sliding glass doors and stepping out onto the balcony I was greeted by a passing breeze that was obviously running late as it did not have time to slow down and acknowledge my presence. Rather, it just gave me a bump and continued on its way without so much as a 'sorry'. That is the climate that we are in today! Moving on, and casting my eyes to the horizon I see that we are again privileged to have a canopy of interwoven tangled grey clouds dominating the sky. No sign of the already risen sun however the clouds that sit directly in its well traversed path are beginning to lighten in colour like a worn patch on a favourite pair of jeans allows greater light to pass through when held up for inspection. The sea is just some three shades of grey darker than the sky and is still recovering from the wild display that it put on throughout yesterday, however it is still angry enough to send strong white capped waves thundering towards the ever stoic loving golden sands of the awaiting shoreline. Whereby on meeting there is a hasty embrace, then the waves are gone, no more to be seen. Like Royalty waving to the adoring crowds so the beach waits to then embrace the next wave. Surfing reports cannot be favourable as the Point is clear of any human contact. Even the gleaming freshly rain washed pathways of the Esplanade are only enjoying the minimum of human contact as well. A morning that sees people being elsewhere. Casting my sight inland, the majestic Hinterland range that forms the backdrop of protection to the plain full of houses that nestle at its feet, is slowly peeling back the misty nigh coverings and beginning to expose the greens of its hills and valleys to the elements of the new day. A great day to be part of!!

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