Wednesday, February 3, 2010

View from the Balcony 04/02/2010

A light breeze coming from over the Hinterland and heading out to sea is gently rolling the overflow of cat litter pieces around the Balcony tiles as it passes on by, with the potted greenery enthusiastically waving encouragement. Another task to be done before breakfast. Looking out over the horizon and south wards there is a large grey cloud mass dominating the sky, in the same way as a drop of ink spreads in water. Directly in front there are patches of cloud drifting around attempting to block the light blue landscape of the sky. They are having mild success. A tinge of pink on the horizon is the only tell tale sign that the sun is with us and has commenced its daily trek across the heavens. The sea has calmed down from the previous three days and is rolling undulating waves towards the shoreline in a rather hypnotic manner. With the tide currently being out, just before the waves break against the golden sand, they appear to take a large breath in order to sustain themselves for their final long dash up the beach and into nowhere, as they quickly fade forgotten from sight. The Point is cluttered with surfboards, the riders jostling one another in what appears to be a ritualistic pecking order for prominence. As I watch, not one of them is bold enough to be the first to catch a wave back to the safety of the car park. Interesting. Along the Esplanade both joggers and walkers are almost fighting for space along the pathways as they in turn appear to want to outdo each other as they boldly stride where they have not been, well for today at least. The grassy picnic area that is a feature of the strip is showing appreciation of the recent rains and is looking a lawn bowl green in colour. Turning my gaze to the rear, the Hinterland has thrown off last nights covering of mist and is looking magnificent with it's rippling hills and green valleys prominently presenting themselves to the arriving morning. A top sight.

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