Tuesday, February 16, 2010

View from the seat on the bank of Lake Mulwala 17/02/2010

How slack can one get. Here it is now well after breakfast before I have even ventured out to check on the welfare of the new day. As I walked down to the chair that until late yesterday afternoon I could confidently call 'mine' I felt the light breeze intensify the closer I got to the edge of the lake. By the time that I reached my four legged 'temporary kingdom', the on shore breeze was strong enough to cause me to zip up my trusty track suite jacket and witness the hairs on my legs struggle to rebound from the constant buffeting that they were receiving (much in the same way that I am reeling from the slaughtering that I am receiving at the hands of some nice, sweet, gentle women at the game they call Scrabble, and which I am relabelling, 'Alphabet Bloodbath & Carnage'). The breeze is stirring up sufficient wavettes as to be a dampener on any water sports activity on the lake for the next few hours. This will mean there will be a mass exodus of Resort occupants and the reestablishing of a new beach head at the many coffee shops and outdoor eateries located over the bridge and back at Yarrawonga in the State where the number plates proudly proclaim that it is 'the place to be'. Even the inland seagulls are grounded, and a group of them are gathered on the Resorts lawn squawking away loudly and no doubt discussing amongst themselves the lack of amenities available for them to utilise during non flight times. Overhead, the sky is again a panorama of almost clear blue, with the occasional white spot of cloud that reminds one of a clean pathway complete with the odd bird dropping or two. Yes, the day is well upon us. Time for another cup of tea!!!

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