Monday, February 22, 2010

Lake Edge Resort - My Reflections

I thought that it would be interesting to share some thoughts about Lake Edge Resort (LER) since I have put up a number of photos over the past week or so. So here it is. Lake Edge Resort is a Time Share Resort and is located next door to the Water Ski Club on Lake Mulwala which itself is situated on the NSW side of the Victorian town of Yarrawonga.

The Resort property sits right on the waters edge and has around 30 Units and is excellently managed by young Carl and his dedicated team of assistants. The Resort has a yearly occupancy rate of well over 95% so I believe.

The Resort structure itself is not flashy when it comes to glitz and glamour but is well fitted out to enable the occupants for the week to fully enjoy themselves.

But, and here it gets interesting, to me the best feature of the Resort are the characters who come to make use of the facilities.

It is our neighbours, who over a period of time, have become almost like extended family members. You know, those distant cousins that you only see and hear from as time dictates. Sometimes the gap can be several years, but as soon as the meeting takes place the time in between dissolves and it is though there has never been a break in the relationship.

It is the diversity of backgrounds and of life's experiences that meld the LER community into one large happy family.

It is seeing individual families extending the hand of friendship to strangers who in the space of days then become integrated into the rich tapestry of that families life.

Then it is the rich spectrum of personalities that come to mind. The 'out and out' , loud jovial voiced ones whose comments ring out from one side of the facility to the other, to the more subdued and quieter person, who when asked a question you almost have to stop the surrounding noise of fun times in order to hear their valued responses.

Apart from the organised 'Happy Hour' on the Monday afternoon, there are the impromptu social gatherings, both around the several BBQ's that line up on the grassy verge of the lake, to times in the large gazebo area, to afternoon tea gatherings in the pool surrounds to even 'call ins' in the individual place is safe from a 'get together' for one reason or another.

So, in a nutshell why do I like coming back here year after year. It is because I am accepted for the person that I am, warts and all. It is because I can be myself, as outgoing or as quiet as I want to be, as I in turn respect and allow others to be the same.

So, have I booked in for next year..... you bet!!

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