Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sitting on the Edge!!

Here we are, already it is Wednesday morning on the last week of our 'family' get together at Lake Edge Resort on the bank of the fantastic Lake Mulwala. The winding down has commenced.

As I record this I am sitting at one of the seats on the grass verge overlooking the beautifully presented lake scene.

A family of swans are just swimming by, having arrived due to the wafting smell of well cooked bacon, eggs and sausages reaching them from one of the BBQ's. The parent swans swim up to the retaining wall and peer over to check out if anyone is present and if they appear to be willing to part with some food in their direction. I will have a photo of them on FaceBook later today.

The water is calm as only a wisp of a breeze is subtly making its way across the lake and into the Resort. Give it another half an hour and we should be enjoying the sound of happy families out on the water either skiing or being towed behind one of the boats on a donut. or two.

At around 4:30pm the girls (Viv & Carol) will be hosting another 'Cheese and Bikkies' afternoon gathering for the women staying in the Resort. Over the past few years this has now turned into a weekly event and is now eagerly anticipated by the regular guests of the Resort.

If nothing else, the gathering usually means a GYO evening meal for myself and Steve as the girls find that the afternoon snacking is usually enough to wee them through until Thursdays breakfast. Thank goodness that we males are adaptable!!

My apologies to all for the number of photos that I have inundated you all with since arriving here. However, there was a reason for that, and that is because one family (the Carroll Clan) could not make it for their usual bi annual stay due to their young daughter Mariah attending High School for the first time, as she is now in year seven. How time flies!!!

The many snaps were to remind them of faces and places, so that next year they will hopefully be able to join us as Mariah will then be a High School old hand. Young Jack, a big Hi to you as well, as I cannot allow Mariah to be the only one of the family to be mentioned.

The fishing rods that are resting along the grassy bank remain silent, as there have been no bites from the fish today. Yesterday was different as a few fish were reeled in, with the only oversized and legal fish being Carp! As they are a banned species they are required to be kept and destroyed. No returning to the safety of the water for them!

Time to finish the post as the call of 'coffee' has just registered.

Yes, back to Burleigh Heads and the real world on Friday night. There is always next year as we have already booked three weeks commencing from the 18th February (did you get the dates young Graeme & Julie).

Have a great rest of the day everyone!!

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