Friday, February 12, 2010

View from the seat on the bank of Lake Mulwala

This morning finds me sitting on one of the outdoor seats at Lake Edge Resort, Mulwala. The grass underfoot is thick and lush green in colour. I am not alone. Some ever hopeful inland lake seagulls have already gathered around me, expectantly looking for the odd throw away piece of food to supplement their ever so particular diet. Not today, my fine feathered friends. They still remain, as though my words were hollow. Such is the display of perseverance, that if I did have some food I would have weakened, and proved their quest as being fulfilled. But I repeat to them , not today. The lake is still as there is no breeze that one can count, and the grey of the water is reflecting back a little of the colour of the small gathering of clouds that sit behind the picket fence look that the dead trees in the water provide. The water is clear of fishing craft and too early to experience the delights of the speed boats as they plough back and forwards towing many a happy skier. I was too late to witness the arrival of the sun, but it has already climbed into the sky and a pathway of shimmering reflection on the water surface leads directly to where it is positioned behind a bank of soft haze. Overhead, the sky is a clear blue and this speaks well for it being another warm day in this part of beautiful Australia. The Resort itself is quiet as the various young members of the individual tribes have not yet burst out of the units they are occupying to reap another waking hours havoc on the Resorts facilities. It is going to be a great day.

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